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Are you part of the XIO community and will you be voting on the 6th December?

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Imo Clement Ekuma 5 days ago

Am not a holder but will like to own some of it and know more about it.

Luke Brenland 5 days ago

Head over to their telegram and drop them some questions they will be able to give you all the info you need mate :)

Victoria Haruna 5 days ago

Just joined the XIO community. As for voting, only  holders of the XIO can vote right?

St3v3 T88888 5 days ago

Fingers tightly crossed for this vote for Uptrennd

Asim . 5 days ago

I joined this xio Cummunnity for you and just for voting now

Luke Brenland 4 days ago

ahh no need for that we would like you to vote honestly and choose the project you actually want to win :)

I am not asking for votes on this post just interested to see if we have any XIO holders here :)

Busola Akinlolu 4 days ago

Already a party pf the XIO telegram, all ready for the voting, I have a few in my parjar, hope that qualifies me for voting :)

Luke Brenland 2 days ago

i dont think there is a minimal voting amount so you should be good i only have a small amount tbh lol







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