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22 May
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Adelowo Oyebode 1 week ago


Smiles, I didn't decode anything was just passing by. So uptrennd has had a great influence on you now. I don't think there is anyone that can say uptrennd hasn't influence him/her in one way or the other

Well. nice entry dear, more winning 

ZONNIA DAVID 1 week ago

Uptrennd has influenced my sleeping time especially on 2UP Tuesday and it has also made me to reduce my hanging out.when a guy calls to meet out..because of uptrennd,I will look for a lie to tell him like...I am sorry but my slipper is missing and I can not come to see you with my bare legs lol🥰🥰🥰🥰

Maureen Nnoli 1 week ago

Lol... @ Zonnia, you are simply adorable...

Greg Ukameole 1 week ago

This one has off me, if a girl tell me this, that the end of the communication. 

Wakygrace Shammah 1 week ago

Chai Zonnia, you will never seize to amaze me in this platform😂😂 I have fainted

Godspower Sakanwi 1 week ago

Hilarious excuse, I have never heard of slipper missing as an exception. Uptrennd must have possessed you.

kodsy Cordelia 1 week ago

Oh lord! See lie😂😂😂.. If am the guy i will go to the mall and get new shoes for you. Oya lie again😉

Adelowo Oyebode 1 week ago

Smiles, you are indeed something 😆😆


It seems you are good at giving excuse. 

Jay Bhe 1 week ago

Haaa... Zonnia! be things o

Diamond Goodness 1 week ago

My brother, na the same passing by we are doing, I didn't decode anything oh! Hahahaha

Zizy Mena 1 week ago

No one. I m absolutely no one. Uptrennd is very addictive and it's got us hooked 

Ayeza Khan 1 week ago

Yes I am waking for sehri as holly month of ramzan is about to end. And very happy aexcited for eid

Zizy Mena 1 week ago

Wishing you a happy Eid celebration in few hours 

tori_ vickii 1 week ago

I am a foodie so bad that I wake up some nights to cook and eat

and I don't know where all the food is going

Clinton Oputa 1 week ago

My people, like this, I am waiting for everyone to sleep so something will enter my mouth🤗

tori_ vickii 1 week ago

you understand me so well

Wakygrace Shammah 1 week ago

It is going straight to your brain my dear😂😂🚶

Zizy Mena 1 week ago

You wake up at night just to eat? If you live with me I will have a lock on the fridge 

tori_ vickii 1 week ago

Zizy I learnt how to break locks when I was just 13 years. 

Good luck with the fridge😂😂😘

Oluwagbenga Medase 1 week ago

Stop it,  I don't want😀😀😀😀. Our men are worst than mosquitoes, they don't sleep at night, that rod has no conscience of its own. Responsibilities makes me stay awake this days.

Eunigold Paul 1 week ago

Lol🤣what responsibility? Tell me na

Zizy Mena 1 week ago

Hahahaha the rod truly has no conscience. Once it is in need, it doesn't listen to any please 

Olaleye Ebenezer 1 week ago

business keeps me awake at a graphic designer,if im not done with a project,,i find it hard to sleep.

Zizy Mena 1 week ago

That's understandable especially when you have deadline to meet 


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