Are we (all) wise?!

On a daily usage of our fiat currency, we feel the influence of the over printing of it. Our currency decreases its' value daily. We know it, we feel it and we are upset cause the central banks and political people abuse our trust and keep printing fiat currency on their needs.

Central banks have their governing tools, criticism from media and law to work upon – and they still do whatever they wish.

In this regard the invention of Bitcoin was enormous. It made money with known activity. You know exactly how it will work, what will be its' supply and how much it will cost to mint one. And, most important, those basics cannot be changed.

If, as I showed, we cannot trust central banks, how can we trust other people with our currency?! Why do we buy or use different coins and tokens that are subject to change in their policy by a bunch of managers of that cryptocurrency?!

We need to look into cryptocurrencies that have NO CORPORATE behind them.

We need to look for cryptocurrencies that there rules are known and cannot be changed.

So what about connecting currency to a business?

This is a very interesting thing to research and think about.

Fiat currencies supposedly are connected to the macro economics of the country they are issued with. But that is not the truth. The truth is much more complicated and is upon many factors.

When you are using utility tokens or a security tokens that their value is matched by a single business – you are exposed to great risk.

The way to lower the risk is by adding more activity on the same coin or token, thus, lowering the risk of this one business option.

If you are looking on cryptocurrencies as investment and you are aware that those currencies are startups that will in 95% fail, then, you might do bad investing or good investing.

But if you refer to cryptocurrencies as currency, the only possibilities that I know are Bitcoin and A-Token.

I call upon the managers of Uptrennd to add A-Token as a point withdrawal option.

Think of it!

Arik Schenkler has developed the A-Token

Some of the A-Token features:

An Ether reserve


No Corporate


No Free tokens

Multiple businesses including contribution for the reserve without printing of new A-Tokens








Athar Saleem
24 Nov

Wanna have a try to A-token.


preview not available Osato Jegede
24 Nov

Hey, kindly refer to @Jeff article tagged: Q & A


Arik Schenkler
24 Nov

Thank you, I have read Jeff post.

It is still one activity and thus poses a risk to users of the cryptocurrency.


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