Applied philosophy: The science par excellence

Greetings friends, let's keep on entering the world of philosophy, through these posts that I'm sharing with the community, referring to some philosophical thoughts that most call my attention, highlighting in them - above all - their actuality.

This is important because it is a way to demonstrate that philosophy is not simply a science for some "bookworms" or "gifted people", nothing further from reality, since the truth is that philosophy is the most natural thing that human beings possess. In fact, I believe that in the thought that I come to share with you today, we can discover it.

It is the following phrase: "Know yourself", taught by the philosopher Socrates and which, most probably, many of you have heard. There are, indeed, countless comments to it, it has also been an inspiration to other philosophers... but, today, what can it teach us?


Socrates did not leave any written work, so what we know about his life and thoughts comes from those who were his disciples, among whom Plato stands out. As for the sentence brought in this post, although it is attributed to diverse philosophers, the certain and important thing is that Socrates was the one who popularized it and made it an essential part of his philosophical system.

This sentence was inscribed at the entrance of the temple of Delphi, so it is also known as Delphi oracle and wants to inspire the way to self-knowledge on the part of the human being, because in those days this was already considered something essential in life.

We can say Socrates practiced it at every moment by teaching his disciples, with his particular dialectical method, to investigate within themselves, in order to meet the knowledge of those things that are fundamental in life: good, justice, truth, etc.


Thus, the essence of this Socratic thought enclosed in the phrase "Know thyself" is, an invitation to self-knowledge, which is very important, since knowing oneself is the greatest science that human beings can achieve on this earth, that is why the title that heads this reflection is "Science par excellence".

In fact, we can get to master the sciences and the most complicated knowledge, but if we do not know ourselves, all that will be worth very little, because what really allows us to mature in life is to enter and be sincere with the answers we give to questions like: who am I, where am I going, what do I want for my life?

On the other hand, it is inside the human being where he fights his main battles, as it is there where he defines his criteria, discerns his decisions, opts for the good, builds his judgments, gives form to his opinions, in short, where he must go again and again to be sure that he acts from himself and from his freedom and not, simply, from agents external to him.


- Spend some time thinking about yourself, where what prevails is that you can manage to define your mission in life, that is, that you can specify what you are looking for in the actions you perform during the day: be a better person, contribute to society, help someone in "x" or "y" thing or situation, etc.

Don't overlook this, don't believe something silly or obvious. It is necessary to go inside ourselves and know what our deepest motivations are.

- When saying, thinking or acting in a certain way, examine (at the same time or later, both stages are valid) if what you say, think or do is in accordance with your criteria, your values, the life mission you have discovered, or if you simply let yourself be carried away or completely conditioned by external factors.

This seems very important to me because I have known people who allow themselves to be robbed of their personality; maybe they have never had it, I don't know, hahaha, the truth is that we should always do everything from ourselves, because even if we do a very good charity work, if we don't assume it from within, it will not impact our being in depth.

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Captain Philips
24 Nov

Reflecting on our inner self is just the key, Socrates is just very brilliant to state this. Most battles of wills and morals are first fought inside of us before they manifest outside, I guess most of our world leaders needs to study one of the greatest Philosophers to make some delicate decisions. Like WHO leaders not deeming it fit to alert the world of Covid19 as a pandemic on time earlier in the year, the rate of spread could have been subdue and we won't be in a messy state like this.


preview not available Jesús Alejos
25 Nov

That is why Plato said that philosophers should occupy the highest positions in government.


Captain Philips
25 Nov

Honest truth, cos these world leaders, people like Trump are just potato heads 


RinNy Mboro
24 Nov

When we stay self analysing we get to know more about ourselves,drive deep and open ourselves up and know more

We just have to always acknowledge ourselves and give it the time deserving for us to get to appreciate the little things we see about ourselves

Knowing onself is one best way to push yourself forward


preview not available Jesús Alejos
25 Nov

This is the key to human growth, for it gives us the clues we must follow on our life's journey.


Raja 79
24 Nov

The history of human civilization is basically the history of the development of human knowledge. Where the importance of philosophy was understood and tested. The questions of philosophy are very important. What is nature? What is it? What is life? What is the purpose of life? To understand the journey of history and the evolution of thought, reading philosophy is very important and vital. Familiar with the history of philosophy.Only by reading philosophy can the structure of today's society be improved. Those who say that reading philosophy and philosophy is a waste of time, never be a part of the thinking of such people. Philosophy began in human history when Some great scholars were born who separated themselves from the religions of their time and raised questions about nature.


preview not available Jesús Alejos
25 Nov

That is true, the contribution of philosophers throughout history has not been sufficiently recognized, but it is there and latent behind many events.


Tariq Shehzad
24 Nov

Philosophy actually is the mind thinking ability that how much we are usiung our mind and going deep into the things.


24 Nov

As a young man Socrates served his country with arms, distinguishing himself in numerous places and battles for his physical resistance, his courage, his discipline and his psychic strength. Returning peace to his home, Socrates returned to Athens showing disinterest in the achievements and glories of which his illustrious person was so deserving.

The end of the quarrels and battles that were so common in the Hellenic world returned him to his studies and his disciples.







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