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20 Feb
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Apology To Uptrennd Community

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Elena Demou 4 months ago

No hard feelings JR! I hope you don't stay away too long!

Hilltop I 4 months ago

To err is human but to forgive is divine. Many people don't know about this particular rule, I believe many will get to know about through this apology. I believe you when you said you were not doing it for personal gains. We all will  have to triad with caution.  Let's build the system.

Osato Jegede 4 months ago

Hmmmmmm Exhale! Indeed, I am speechless. Anyway, apology accepted. 

JR of Exciting World Cryptos 4 months ago

thank you I am glad you understand

Godwin Imafidor 4 months ago

If they are pure mistakes as you have said and with your unreserved apology I think you should be forgiven and you should also forgive yourself. You were probably overexcited

St3v3 T88888 4 months ago

I agree he should re focus on his crypto content and keep pushing forward in the community

Lucas S 4 months ago

The crypto posts are a good read, and I'll look forward to it again!

St3v3 T88888 4 months ago

I think during your break you should start compiling some crypto content as this was your main passion in the first place, we all go off the track at some points in our life its normal. Just need to jump back in there on the right track and focus on your crypto content and put the past in the past.







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