Anyone is here??

Hi buddies 

I hope you are all good and safe in your homes using uptrennd.

As I posted earlier this month about one of my friend's business.  You guys support alot first of all I want to thanks to all of you. 

We spent almost whole day on mobile. Believe me nothing will happen to us if we subscribe our friend's channel , follow their instagram , Facebook pages and share their small businesses.  The world is all about give and take.  If today we are  doing  something good to someone then  tomorrow it will come back to us.

     Its all about KARMA

And karma always hit hard hehe either in good or bad. It depends on you. 

 I made it more interesting for you. I will give you all 3 days untill next 2UP Tuesday. I will announce winner on next 2UP Tuesday.  On Tuesday I will select 5 persons with the help of spin wheel and give them 100 1Up each

( I can increase the giveaway as I did last time but its all depend on your response)

The rules are following:

1) Go and follow the page. 

Here is the link

2) Share this page as much as you can.  

3) After following the page comment below #Iamdone with your Instagram username. 

Wish you all good luck. Remember one thing you may not win probably but you are helping me with doing so.   

The business is already going great but I need more of  your support and love. We love to move forward even on peak😉

Thank you ❤️

Regards : Kamran akbar 



Syeda Ayesha
25 Oct

Haha, that's great to grab the good about of 1ups, thank you @Kamran Akbar for giving this opportunity,  


My User name, syedaayesha09


George Dee
25 Oct


Tomiwa Polestar is my Instagram handle. 

The page is about medical gadgets, he will get more customers on Twitter because right now Twitter has more users. 

It is good for marketing 


Ayesha Gill
25 Oct

Yes Kamran I'm here🖐️

I'm gonna like and share it right now ..

Best of luck to me for the contest🤣


Ayesha Gill


Abdullah Riyan khan
25 Oct




Laiba Badozai
25 Oct


my Instagram  username :


well i have done these tasks by following this page as well..

Thank you so much for providing  us with such an opportunity ..







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