ANXIETY DISORDER (Panic disorder 1)

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The psychological well being of an individual determines his social response. Most individual live a life of isolation due to ugly experience which has dominated their psychic, they people have some form of disorder. Such individual have stressor which are anything that releases stress hormones in the body, this could lead anxiety disorder.

Panic disorder is a part of anxiety disorder, People with this disorder experience sudden burst of anxiety symptoms, feel out of control and think they are dying. Panic disorder is a situation that occurs after going through a terrible experience like war survivors, assult and other traumatic experience. Such people always develop an overreactive automatic nervous system which easily goes into a fight-or-flight response. Although as humans we may have our fears which are mild and goes with time, people with anxiety disorder have sever fear which lower the quality of their lives.

Symptoms of panic disorder


These are reactions that affect the the body system and sometimes manifest on the outer body, individuals feel excessively distressed about their health and also have abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in response to their symptoms. These signs are under the somatic symptoms

Goosebumps emerge.

Muscle tense:

Heart rate increase

Adrenaline is secreted 


People under anxiety disorder portray some emotional distress traits, their subconscious memory is always crowded with fear thereby making them emotionally unstable. They display some disruptive features like:

Sense of terror 



Salivation decreases


cognition according to online is a term referring to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. The cognitive processes include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving. They are the higher function of the brain, a person with anxiety disorder looses these function. Their brain is shallow and circles in 

Anticipation of harm

Exaggeration of danger

Hypervigilance etc


Attitudes of people with anxiety disorder differs with others behavior, some who suffers this disorder behaves like mentally deranged while others who can control themselves a little response to their psychological attack by 





And many other abnorml behavior. 


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Yellow Ifrit
26 Nov

Phew! I remember when I used to experience this. Boy, it took a lot of effort to get back to normal. It was so bad that almost every night, I would wake up kicking and screaming from a nightmare I couldn't remember. 


Chidiebere Nze
26 Nov

It took me years to admit to my friends and family that I suffer from panic/anxiety disorder. It was only because I could no longer hide it. I've read and heard a lot of pretty accurate metaphors about what it feels like to have a panic attack, but one of my favorites compared it to being late for work. You know that feeling: "I'm going to be in trouble, everyone's going to be mad at me! It's going to be a horrible day and it's all my fault!" That's what it's like to have anxiety sometimes... Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes we don't realize that people are suffering.


Nouman Yousaf
27 Nov

Panic,anxiety are cause of depression and it can cause of many other disease.Which should treat this and know about these problems before time over.Thanks for sharing useful information.







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