Anxiety and Leadership

5 Surprising Habits You May Develop Because of Anxiety video 

Find a way to lead a calmer life

Job collapse, caring for children or fulfilling the various obligations of daily life are enough so that, above all, all this is accompanied by an environment with noise or environmental pollution.

It is not always easy to deal with all these daily enemies, we know, but many times we are forced to integrate and accept them. We must be creative to find escape routes and take care of the body and mind.

In short, whether we like it or not, anxiety is a dimension that forms and will be part of life. We must accept it, deal with it, handle it and always use it to our advantage. In this sense, consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist is more than recommended.

Take care of your health, live calmly and keep a balanced diet; for the latter, visiting a nutritionist can be an excellent measure. Remember that the body's reactions are the product of what happens inside the body.

Finally, if the nerves appear frequently, the problem may be greater: take the necessary measures and do not forget to consult your doctor.

Develop good digital leadership skills 

Cultivating all these skills allows you to exercise effective, collaborative, creative, innovative and strategic leadership in the digital age. Today's business world is an environment of uncertainty, an ambiguous, dynamic and complex place in which the leader and his followers must work as a team, adapt to the business context and work on emotional and work skills to anticipate any adverse event. A long-term and optimistic strategic vision should be prioritized.

The Internet and new technologies in general will continue to be an engine of transformation, opportunities and growth in any organization, but for this it is those organizations that must know how to adapt to the new methods of the digital age. Leadership that takes into account the new characteristics of the digital economy will allow the development and emergence of all types of successful organizations.



Sajjad Ali
30 Nov

Environments can lead the pollution and noise that can enxiety. So we must calm and keep balnce because care of your health. As well as doing things gradually do not make your depress.


Amah Samuel
30 Nov

I think what this is involved with, is taking adequate precautions in avoiding the habits that one can develop anxiety with given your detailed explanations and examples on how to identify them which is most possible by working against against those causative effects if one must stay free


Alizay Fatima
30 Nov

Sometimes anxiety leads to progress in a positive way and sometimes it even leads to our failure.when we take it negative

Your post is very informative to overcome on our behovior and attitude


Chidiebere Nze
30 Nov

This is some really handy piece! Especially cos I'm a glutton. I've been guilty of some unhygienic practices exposed here, I'm going to calm down, though.


Adetola Muheez
30 Nov

We must really learn to keep calm when anxious.

It comes with learning the process,takes tym.. take things gradual n don't panic.

Be in charge of your emotions







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