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19 Oct
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Another Step Towards a Cleaner, More Fair, and Sustainable Uptrennd Community :)

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Sahin Karaoglan 5 months ago

I was surprised to see. But I got answers from the telegram group, and now you've made a statement here. Thank you.

KYC is not a very long system. So not more than a few days. But you have to grow your team to control these things.

Itliker Shadda 5 months ago

WOW, awesome decision sir. It will surely kill scammer on uptrennd and right people will have an account on uptrennd mean that people who really deserve 1up will enjoy 1up not bloody scammer. 

Next update can be ip filter after which people will have 1 account for a device that will be perfect. Since after kyc scammer can verify multiple accounts on the name of their other family members or friend by using their document so ip filter will prevent it. And then we will have a clean and clear system.

I hope whole community will support your decision.

Uptrennd to the nation!

Skyway Poster 5 months ago

Sir as you talked about ip filter so I have a question that if there should be one PTCL/Wifi connection in the whole family (talking about joint families) so I think the ip address of each family member's device connected to internet must be the same .

And if two or three members from whole family will work with Uptrennd so is their any restrictions from Uptrennd?

Osato Jegede 5 months ago

KYC is very much welcome, it's long coming. One man one account is the rule of the game . Sanitization of the platform is none negotiable. Equality as the  hallmark of the Uptrennd community is what most people hope and long for. With the introduction of the aforementioned, we can at least reduced the activities of the hackers and scammers. 

Ebenezer Oyeodini 5 months ago

One person,one account is a welcome development. Thanks 

Leonardo Jaimes 5 months ago

It is about time, that he implements the KyC, he knows the client, since there are many who use multi-accounts, in addition, all kinds of web that manages dicero or is won online, like here, that is rewarded for the good content should have its common security that is the KyC, avoid multi-accounts and is a safe way ..

Even Uptrennd is in Beta version so let's start with those updates ...







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