Another Social Media that "Pays to ENGAGE" ~ OPPORTUNITY


Hope you guys are doing well I'm here to show you another opportunity to mark yourself in early adopters of that platform not only a social media platform but a decentralized payment platform with a marketplace. 


preview not available

Most of you guys haven't heard about it because it's just launched and it provides you with some extra earning opportunities that you can always avail aside of working on Uptrennd. It's more likely Blockchain-Based Social media where your posts are securely saved on Blockchain Network. 



  • Firstly you've to register an account on Swirge

  • Setup your Profile 

Don't forget to mention your Uptrennd Details in your profile there :) 

  • Follow me there

  • Join Uptrennd Group there

I've created a Uptrennd Group there so we all can post our Articles there in that group so it's easily accessible for us here is the link

Earning Ways on SWIRGE! 

It's just their launch and engagement on posts there is low so you'll be earning nothing but few cents but it's better to have an extra income and be the early adopter. 


They pay you for each single "LIKE" you get on your posts. I'm still learning things there so have less idea what's the Criteria and how much time it takes to get in your balance there. 


You can refer your friends there to earn 0.2$ (NOW 0.1$) SWGB in your wallet there and minimum withdraw is 10$.

For Questions

There are many things I can add here but I'm keeping it short. For any questions, you can join their Telegram channel ask any questions there 

  • General

  • Announcement

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Ayesha Gill
29 Nov

Thats the opportunity i was looking for and also i would refer my friend @Fatema for this earning site.

Thanks for sharing...And its good you also give the link of support channel so everybody will find easy to work. 


preview not available Navi .
29 Nov

Yes not only for earning perspective you get to know many new things like Binance Smart Chain, Social media marketplaces etc 


Tahir Khan
29 Nov

Early adopters on any social media platform like this always gain many benefits. It's another big opportunity for specially those who are fully active on social earnings platform like you 😊❤️👌


preview not available Navi .
29 Nov

Yep! Not only me you can expect your articles you've posted here to many social media channels :) 


Tahir Khan
29 Nov

Yeah everyone earns who is a quality content writer and specially dedicated to his work .


Mahnoor Amna
29 Nov

I have been searching for online earning methods and here it is one of them... hehe....

First of all thankx for providing the info Navi..😍

I am busy these days i will join swirge in few days. 


preview not available Navi .
29 Nov

That's fine! I'm just expending more earning ways to you guys. 


Khadija Sheikh
29 Nov

This is the first time I've heard of it.
I open it and check ...
And I register myself on it.
You always bring us some nice and varied things that I like very much.
I check it now and do my research on it.
Thank you so much for telling me the rest, my older brother.......................


Sultan Baloch
29 Nov

Sir I have no idea about that platform but I think if you are guiding us in such detail in sha Allah I will join it now. 

In sha Allah I will follow all instructions which you tell us. 

Thanks sir for sharing this information with us. Stay happy and keep smiling 







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