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Another Dirty Bitcoin Exchange Exposed

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Jonathan B 2 months ago

Dang, between this and Quadriga CX, Canadians are gonna lose their reputation for being the more polite and respectful among us. Who are we gonna rely on for faith in humanity if even the Canadians let us down? 

Incidentally, this also raises another question. What to do with bad news reported on uptrennd? honestly it feels weird to upvote this, even though it has nothing to do w/the poster. It's pretty much impossible to not bring our past experiences with us to a new platform. If for years we would not "like" this on other social media platforms, because it is bad news, ...well it honestly raises questions about how to handle this phenomenon for a new endeavor such as uptrennd. I obviously would never downvote it knowing it would negatively impact the poster. Maybe there could be a sideways arrow to acknowledge the posters contribution, while simultaneiously acknowledging the news is bad, haha. Maybe im overthinking, but to me it seriously feels weird upvoting a story about human beings scamming other people! (for now i will make an exception!) 

Jonathan B 2 months ago

i've never been a huge reddit user. How would this sort of thing be handled there? i imagine it would just get a lot of 'nothings' as in no upvotes, nor downvotes. But of cours that doesn't encourage anyone to post the content 

Nathan Kaytar 2 months ago

I never really thought of that. Good point for the future. Thank you for your Upvote.. Maybe half points for sideways vote 

None the less I'm just trying to bring quality content to Uptrennd

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 2 months ago

I have bad experiences with websites that promote investment plans such as the image of the post, it is very possible as you say it's scam, unfortunately, this type of fraud greatly harms the cryptospace because many users are left with the bad experience and never try again, I wish there were no people who just try to take advantage of the growing market :(

Romana Grubesic 2 months ago

I am running away from sites with investment plans. And always will.

Luke Brenland 2 months ago

Just too many people hoping to get rich without doing much for it! got to be very well informed today buddy, thanks for the share man :)

Elena Demou 2 months ago

It is really good to see these scam companies being exposed, this is the only way we will prosper in the future!


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