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ANN: Uptrennd Updated Tokenomics

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Mashooq Ur Rehman 5 months ago

Uptrennd is the best platform ever i see 

Hope for the bright future.

otunu Brayan 5 months ago

I second to your statement  100% mate. Let's all continue with the hard work of  making Uptrennd community a better place

javier arturo pulido andueza 4 months ago

That's right friend, you're right is without doubt the best platform!

ATMODEPTH #Indiegamedev 3 months ago

Yeah! It's super impressive! 

I post his everywhere but it really think this network it a way different that everything i have seen before! It's great to gert some inspiration here! 




Mayank Jain 5 months ago

"Together, we have not just created a website, 

we have created a community" ❤️

MD ABDUL BASED 4 months ago

The Deflationary idea is better for any crypto project right now because there are a lot of crypto projects crowded with a giant supply that worth almost no value. As the 'uptrennd' community is growing faster day by day- It will create scarcity on the markets which may boost 1up value. We can also step ahead to vote for 1up to list multiple exchanges for free. Our community is our power. When 1up is traded on some more exchanges- the price will be higher.

Josh Monrreal 5 months ago

Its great to see this place grow like it has. Been here for most of the year and seen this place explode with new users and more content. Keep up the hard work uptrennd team 

Jan Borgers 5 months ago

miss ur posts and videos ;)

Itliker Shadda 5 months ago

that's greatest planning 1up will become more valuable in the future due to this planning.AND deflation in 1up market creates great effect.

I also want to congratulate all uptrennd for 15500 Users on uptrennd.

The journey having 355 users to 15k was very great and awesome mean from January to September.

uptrennd stat menu will motivate us daily.

Uptrennd keeps it up With irony hand!







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