Animal Testing.

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  An animal testing is any scientific experiment or test in which a live animal is forced to undergo something that is likely to cause them pain, suffering distress or lasting harm.

             Animals such as rabbits, rats, cats and monkey are used in these experiment. Scientist give them injection to check that the drug is harmful or not and many animals died in this process. 

        Animals and humans both are living thing and created by God, and both have the right to live. But some cruel people trap the animals and force them to die. It is completely a bad and useless act. We do not have to use animals in this process. Scientist have to thought about another way to do this process of drug because drugs are very dangerous for living thing, it can easily take there lives  but some people don't understand the hazards of drugs.

          I prefer that animal testing has to be stopped in any case because it is causing death to animals and it is a crime and we have to stop it in any case. Many people have a question that how to stop it. Basically we have to stop companies that are doing this.

         At last, I want to suggest that life is not a game. If we will die, we can't get another life in this world so stop animal testing and save animals.




Gohar Ali
06 Feb

Through these testing we can save humans and also animals life. So this way it is not bad,, we have to save many, so we sacrifice some.. 







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