And Death Came

When death is at your door you cannot ask him to come back another day. Death is the natural and logical conclusion to life and yet it is the most emotionally crumbling experience we ever have to face. I woke up this morning happy, singing like a lark and then came the news of death. It is never good news when your phone rings so early in the morning, another of my friends has passed on. Consumed by cancer of cervix she struggled hard for 8 years and fought the good fight of faith only to succumb to death at last.

This word cancer makes me shudder. This is the third friend I have lost until now to cancer. I lost my dad to this monster when I was twelve and it has haunted me all my life. Death is the harshest reality we humans ever have to face. Losing loved ones is never easy. As I sit here shell shocked looking out of the window barely seeking, tears running down my face all I can think of is this monster covid has kept us away from our loved ones for too long. I so wished to meet her before the end came, but it was not to be. I just wanted to hold her hands and look into her eyes, but those eyes are closed forever now. 

The guilt I feel now is eating into me. I wish my fear of passing on any germs to my friend had not been so strong, I would have met her in life, a week ago. Now, I will have to wait for life hereafter to meet her. 

I am so proud of her that she fought this fight so bravely. She lived for eight years without uttering a negative word. She conquered sorrow and pain like a warrior, she died in peace and has gone to be with her maker, leaving us to moan her loss. 

Death did not hurt her but only those she left behind. It is going to take a long time to come to terms and pick up the threads of life for her husband and two children. Life would have been altered for them once and for all and yet they would have to live as if nothing happened.

Life is tough, Life after death is tougher! God give them peace and consolation in this hour of deep sorrow and grief.

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preview not available Adelan o
03 Mar

Accept my sympathy and I can relate with all you said, every human would at some point in their life, death will come one day, do the best you can, and get as much as you can from life. Cancer really is a dangerous illness and i hope a cure is found someday. 


Sofs Su
04 Mar

Thank you @adelan O for your kind words.


Dmi Tree
03 Mar

Sad story. Life without diseases would have been much better. Fortunately some types of cancer are now curable although treatment process is  painful and not always lead to recovery. 


Sofs Su
04 Mar

Thank you for stopping by.


Jeremiah Akpabio
03 Mar

Death is an inevitable end that would come when it would come. So sorry to learn of your friend's death. I know it is not easy to loose a loved one but be consoled in God for he knows the  reasons why things happen to everyone. May her soul rest in peace, amen.


Sofs Su
04 Mar

No questions asked God knows best.


Gohar Ali
03 Mar

Saddened to here of your friend, friends are realy important for everyone and their death disturbed us, when i was in school, my best friend died of cancer, that mentaly disturbed me. So i can understand your pain. 

I also lost many other close relatives due to cancer, its a dangerous disease, for me its a big monster then covid. 


Sofs Su
04 Mar

Thank you for your kind words.


preview not available Hafsa M
03 Mar

in every second, a human dead in this world, and we dont realize that we are also in the same row. 


Sofs Su
04 Mar

Hmm that is the truth.







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