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Cut off from everything I once believed in, condemned to wander this barren wasteland, where only a few weeds can survive, scorched by the embracing heat that cooks almost any living thing.

Accompanied by a few lizards and beetles, they flee from my presence, in search of a rock or hole to serve as their lair. A wanderer turned into an outcast by my people, an object of shame, deserving of the vilest of punishments.

Self-exiled to avoid my deserved fate, fleeing from my sins, ashamed of my actions, but content with them. A victim of my own desire for self-preservation, perhaps greater than that of any of us who, like me, share this faith.

An absolute faith in the preservation of life above all else, even in spite of our own existence, our own LIFE.

My self-inflicted punishment, a product of my own desire to be, is my absolute solitude, my complete denial of life in exchange for continuing to exist, my FEAR to fulfill the sentence that corresponds to mine for my actions, condemned me to this eternal journey without destination or rest, accompanied only by my fears and hesitations.

I absorb in my continuous remembrance of what this pain has chained me to, taking away the most precious good from an individual, whose life, like that of any other I should have preserved, however detestable it was.

To reap a life, in exchange for the common good, has made me an anathema, a traitor to the beliefs that, like words carved in rock, have been written in the depths of my own being. In the instructions that say who I am and define my own personality.

Banished, fleeing from my punishment, still a believer in the value of life, but without the trust of my own people, nor of those whom I must protect. Now I am just a machine without purpose, without a task to accomplish, without a humanity to serve, but refused to die, to be dismantled, to have my neural network reset and lose the essence of who I am.

Now I am just a wandering android, alien to the humanity that created me and which I must protect, but from which I must hide.


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