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An Update: This Community is Strong!!

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Saqib Ajmal 6 days ago

This is very good news for all uptrend user yes upturned is very strong now because everyday we invite people and we also doing hard work for growing uptrennd I am really happy because you are doing hard work and also doing hard work all admins congratulation

Osato Jegede 6 days ago

Wow! Exhale!!! 

What more can I say, the journey is far but we're here now. Uptrennd is set to become an household name in the coming months. This is the time for all community members to take pride in themselves and celebrate most especially today being Valentine's day. I like to used this medium to thank everyone for their patience and resilience. However in the coming days with this update as released by @JeffKirdeikis, it's clear that there's more work to do than we've ever done. Because to whom much is given, much is also expected. Get ready for more as the rocket is warming up for greater things. 

Happy Valentine's day! 

Elena Demou 6 days ago

We are UNSTOPPABLE!!! I could not be happier with the path that this site has taken... Looking forward to the future!

Sundhari PriyaN 6 days ago

Thanks for giving your love on valentine day as good news(s).

We are waiting.....

Yasir Mehmood 6 days ago

Wow..!! Uptrennd to the moon 😍soon👍✌️✌️💙







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