An Overview of the ZAC Finance platform

With various levels of challenges affecting the Decentralized finance (Defi) space globally, several millions of dollar usually go down the drain as a result of compromised security, and a frantic search for a seamless way to raise funds, experts in the financial space are of the opinion there is the need to go back to the drawing board to bring out new innovations that will handle these problems permanently and succeed a sustainable system that will be efficient, safer and beneficial to users and investors alike. This is why I am excited to introduce to my  followers and enthusiasts an innovative and revolutionary architecture that makes use of the renowned technical savvy of the blockchain and poised to disrupt the decentralized finance ecosystem and restore destability. I am talking about a DeFi platform called ZAC Finance. Follow me below to take you on a journey about the new rave of the moment.

The ZAC Finance is just like every usual DeFi platform but differs on a holistic new level. It's imbibed with the Decentralized nature of the blockchain and offers one of the highest degree of security available. It's contracts have been audited by the Callisto Network and is safe for use. The platform has a very rich intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be used by any user. One of the reasons I like this platform is its low transaction fees while offering its users a high profit after usage of any of its selected services. The services offered by ZAC Finance include the Z-Farm, Z-Stake, Z-Trade, Z-Swap, Z-Vote and the Z-Vault

For crypto users who are looking for a passive source of income, the Z-Farm and the Z-Stake is for you. You can either provide liquidity in the Z-Farm or lock up your tokens in the Z-Stake and earn the ZAC tokens as rewards concurrently. 

For those who are looking for stablecoin transactions can make use of the Z-Trade and also get a massive amount of profit. The platform also has an automated market maker similar to the usual Uniswap but differs in the transaction fees which are usually lower with the use of the Z-swap. 

ZAC Finance was designed to assign its users to the best yield farming available and that's possible with the Z-Vault. Finally, it's users will be empowered with the ability to be able to have a say in all the decision making processes on the platform with the use of the Z-Vote. 

The ZAC Finance is very unique in its own way in the sense that it places the interest of its users first and secures them the best way to get into DeFi. As such it is a recommended platform for all DeFi users. 

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