An oppertunity to double our Uptrennd family!!

Greetings Everyone!!

I hope everyone is fine and having a good day 😊

I have just heard a news that 

"Tiktok has banned in Pakistan"

Tiktok was a source of enjoyment and the companion of my boredom. So I am little bit sad to hear this news too...

But I am not as much sad as the tiktokers, because I was not a Tiktoker. Tiktokers were not from the other world. They are also our brothers , sisters , family members , friends etc.

So we have to help them to restart their career ..

But this time with Uptrennd ..

Because Uptrennd is also a source of enjoyment , a source of income and source of knowledge also, So why not we should bring tiktokers to Uptrennd ..

There were 19.5 million active tiktokers in Pakistan.

what if all of us bring one Tiktoker to Uptrennd??

We are a family of 138676 and this is a great opportunity to double our Uptrennd family..

So guys make me a promise to bring one of your Tiktok friend to Uptrennd ..

How many of you are ready to do this job for Uptrennd tell me in Comments..

Best Regards:

Your Lovely Admin 😉



preview not available Skyway Poster
10 Oct

If they will come here so this would be proved  better earning platform for for all Ticktokers. And here they will have to show their talent in a better way by creating posts in funny and much more Communities and they also will get alot earning from here.

I obviously will try to allow my all friends from Tik Tok to Uptrennd


Felix Akpan
10 Oct

absolutely,  we really need to relate and share this good news about the platform with friends.


Amal Fatima
10 Oct

@yasir sir First of all I am very happy to see your post after a long time 😍😍

We will miss you 🙃

Ticktock is banned in Pakistan it is our duty to support all ticktockers because they are also worried about their livelihood 🙃😔

I promise you sir I bring mt ticktockers friends on Uptrennd ☺️

I am ready to perform this job for uptrennd 🤞🤞🙌


preview not available Yasir Mehmood
10 Oct

Thanks for being agreed with me , and I always prefer to do my moderator job instead of promoting my own account whenever I get some time !!


Abdullah Riyan khan
10 Oct

Exactly now all tictokers lose their earning source so they have to search new one and uptrennd is the best for them so we have to share this platform with our tick tokers friends


M.A Khan
10 Oct

I am ready to bring my Tiktok friends into this beautiful family. It's a great opportunity that we will increase our family. We are the member of this platform and it's our responsibility to make it large. So, let's do this.

Best wishes.


Mahnoor DanisH
10 Oct

To be very honest!!! 

I don't have any tick to friends.

I always update my WhatsApp status about Uptrennd.

In my teaching practice, my class was of 50 students and I took my time to explain what uptrennd is and how it is working. 

Many of them promised me to sign up.

I will surely be promoting uptrennd to the extent I can do!!!! 

I promise!!! I will tell everyone around me.

I wish this platform to expand more and more.

Thank you!!!


preview not available Yasir Mehmood
10 Oct

Thank you Sister !! You have done a great job to let your class know about Uptrennd. I hope your efforts will bring fruits and they will join Uptrennd soon.


Mahnoor DanisH
10 Oct

You are welcome!!! 

Two of them contacted me and joined it already. (Might be any others too joined I wasn't allowed to share my contact with me as it was a co class so I can't say precisely about male side either they joined or not yet they were seeming interested)

Hope more will come slowly. 

I will be trying my best to enhance the impact of uptrennd ;) 


preview not available Yasir Mehmood
10 Oct

Awesome 👍 you can give them my number if you feel hesitation from male side , I am ready to help them for Uptrennd :)

If you need , feel free to dm me for any problem you facing in this good deed :)


Mahnoor DanisH
10 Oct


My fault!!! 

I was having your number with me the day I attended my practice.

I am sad 😐😐 it's over for now.

But I will surely let them know if I get a chance in future 🙂🌸

Thank you for your kind words. 







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