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An Introduction To Uptrennd (What's It All About)

I’ve found about Uptrennd about six months ago, and I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised with the platform.

At first, I didn’t expect that it would be what it was claiming to be, because I was used to the old types of social media platforms, and I had to spend a bit of time on it before I realized it is actually an amazing place that stands for everything it says.

So, I was already into this whole new crypto-space and I was looking for a place to publish my content and earn something for it.

I didn’t really stand a chance to have any results on any of the old platform like Facebook or Twitter, because they were already over-crowded, and I had to invest a good amount of money in ads, in order to see any type of growth there.

One day, I was watching Omar Bham (Crypt0’s News), and he mentioned the opportunity that Uptrennd gives to people for posting and engaging with the community.

I immediately jumped on to check it out, and instantly felt that this was the right place to be.

The birth of Uptrennd.

Uptrennd was founded in January of 2019 by Jeff Kirdeikis, who is a crypto-enthusiast and is also behind the world’s largest crypto Facebook group “Cryptocurrency Investing”, as well as the host of “The Bitcoin & Crypto Podcast”.

A small group of other crypto-believers joined him, and that’s how they started building Uptrennd.

The idea of Uptrennd is simple, yet powerful – freedom of speech, data security, equality of opportunity, and distribution of wealth.

A platform, where your personal data will never be sold, and where you can earn crypto for your contributions.

A movement that aims to shift the wealth and the power from the corporations back to the people.

And because Uptrennd is a completely self-funded project, rather than spending millions  upfront for the creation of a fully integrated blockchain infrastructure, it is built as a web 2.0 platform.

However, the plans are that Uptrennd will become fully decentralized, blockchain-based platform, as soon as this is possible.

What I’m seeing are constant improvements, so I’m confident that this will actually become a reality, rather than just an empty claim that will never be executed.

How does Uptrennd work?

What I love about Uptrennd is that it’s pretty straight forward to navigate, to create posts, and to communicate with others.

It has a very clear rewards system too.

Every time you create a post, or comment under somebody else’s post, you get upvotes or downvotes, depending on the quality of your content.

If you are contributing with value and quality, you will be gaining higher rewards.

If you are just spamming, trolling or plagiarizing, you will be “punished” by the community, by them downvoting you, thus you will be losing points.

Votes are totally free.

There is no voting power, and no whales, which turned out to be a problem for some of the other platforms out there.

There is no one that is too powerful, and nobody is receiving a bigger percentage in terms of points.

Every single user has the exact same weight of their vote.

And here is where levels come into play.

When you are on level one, you will receive 1 point for every upvote you get.

Every next level gives you 0.1 points more.

Thus, on level 2, you will be gaining 1.1 points per upvote, on level 11 they become 2 points, on level 21 they are now 3 per upvote, on level 31 are 4, etc.

The highest level is 100, where you will be getting 11 points for every upvote.

Now, you must be wondering what you can do with these points, and I’ll clear that up right now.

Except leveling up on Uptrennd, you can purchase advertisements for the site’s sidebars, you can boost your posts for more views, and you can exchange them for 1UP tokens on exchanges.

How to earn points on Uptrennd?

There are a bunch of ways in which you can be earning points:

✅ Receive upvotes for posts and comments

✅ Receive donations

✅ Get bonuses for daily logins

✅ Get bonuses for daily page objectives

✅ Invite new people

✅ Participate in weekly and monthly contests and competitions on the platform

✅ Play games and take part in the official Telegram groups

✅ More to come

Uptrennd’s tokenomics.

I’ve already mentioned the 1UP token, so let’s get into some details.

Not only you can get it by exchanging your points for it, but you can purchase it on exchanges too.

For the moment, 1UP is listed on P2PB2B, Idex, and Altilly.

All of the tokens were premined, and the total supply is 1,000,000,000.

The circulating supply at the moment is around 83,000,000 tokens (according to https://coinmarketcap.com).

This means that more than 900,000,000 tokens are kept in a cold-storage, and are waiting for issuance.

Moreover, Uptrennd has decided to adopt a pretty cool deflationary model for 1UP.

30% of all of the points that are invested by members on the platform, like for leveling up, are burned every single month.

So, let’s say that people have used 1,000,000 points for leveling up in a given month. This means that 300,000 of these points will be burned.

In addition, 20% of the points are allocated to the Community Growth Fund, which is used for sustaining the growth of the whole Uptrennd ecosystem, and for the supporting and the expansion of the community.

This model makes 1UP more rarer, so the more time passes, the rarer the token becomes.

Uptrennd is much more than just a social media platform.

Actually, it’s a real social network. It’s one real big family, which is the home of many different communities.

And that’s exactly what we need.

A place where like-minded people can exchange ideas, points of view, and passions freely.

A place where we can speak our minds, without being censored.

A place where we can find some new friends.

A place where we can learn from each other, and can help each other.

A place where our efforts are appreciated, and are well rewarded.







Unwana Sunday Akpan
03 Jun

Yes, this is great and so true about Uptrennd. It is a unique form of social media, it has been one of it kind. A great platform that help develop your skills, gives you the avenue to connect with others around the world, and also help you strike balance while having fun, at the same time creating wealth, while enjoying yourself, and what you are doing.

I have so much learnt alot on here on Uptrennd.

Uptrennd remain the best to me.

Thanks for sharing. 



Faleye Sunday
11 Apr

This is really amazing and highly educative. Myself as a beginner here found it more helping than anything else. It serves as a pointer to the new members!


Mayur Gaikwad
10 Apr

You have put up uptrennd journey in a very nice manner. 

We have some great people who supported uptrennd and stayed on this platform everyday.. 


10 Apr

He did a great post, and you are one of those people, Mayur! :)


Mayur Gaikwad
10 Apr

I have been member since day 2.

Lately was occupied with my work, but I always make sure to check it everyday


Victor Eyo
11 Apr

@Mayur Gaikwad Wow.. sounds great. I wish I had knowledge about the platform and how it works, much earlier, but that's no longer a wish as I'm already here now.If you don't mind, I would love to know how you manage to appropriate time for your secular work and blogging on Uptrennd. 


Govind Prasad
10 Apr

Indeed great platform to communicate. I didn't find any such platform where you can interact with people ,can put your views, can find someone ideas and appreciation and in reverse you get rewarded.many people on other platforms are spending there time without thinking of the results. I would like to appeal to them to join this platform and make their time and work fruitful. I'm very happy to be a part and partial of this community of uptrennd. Thank you so much Uptrennd....


Ivan .
10 Apr

Thank you for being here! 🙌


Kibike Sylvanus
10 Apr

Very informative, everybody has to copy this message to all your social media profiles with your referrals links fo more UPTRENND adoption/BTC....and more traffics. It will help create more awareness and traffics back to the web site thereby bringing more new members aboard.

Kudos bro for the well-detailed article about uptrennnd..


Innocent Rao
10 Apr

It was very  help full for us....very informative  post specially  this community.. I Heard  this first time

I join uptrend about 10 days ago and I enjoyed  my self here







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