An Introduction to Blurtopian - Empowering Open Source Contributors

I'm East, and I lead a curation initiative on Blurt, a STEEM fork. We are a community of 500 active members and we are looking for ways to grow our community. About four months ago, August 2020, I requested a delegation from Blurt founder @megadrive for a delegation to the project. 

The project is based on a previous project I was part of - - however, that project has stopped and for over a year had no updates or news.

To fill the void that the project left, I opened this curation project. We are still in the building phase, and hopefully within the succeeding months will be able to build a front end for the project and its curation managers.


Palnet - Other social crypto





Actually it's a platform on Steem blockchain. When you post there, you can earn Pal, and you automatically post on Steem blockchain too so you can earn steem at the same time. What about Uptrennd doing the same? Steem is much more than Steemit, Steem is a Dan's project, and all the small social cryptos should interact with each other to compete with Facebook coin or other coins eventually launched by large corporations.


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