Ambience The Beauty Of Nature

Assalam-0-Alikum Dear Uptrenndians

✭Feel the harmony, which you find in nature... 

✭The positive environment gives you more delight... 

✭Feel the brilliant morning and the lively dawn... 

✭The dull night and the moon changing their shape and size... 

✭Feel the breezes that go through your ears... 

✭Simply unwind and fail to remember the entirety of your feelings of trepidation... 

✭Feel the morning with the chirpings of the winged animals... 

✭Let them welcome you; simply attempt to comprehend their words... 

✭Feel every single drop of the hefty downpour... 

✭This will help you in each agony and strain... 

✭Feel the gleaming leaves of the trees... 

✭Remain quiet and bid farewell to every one of your concerns... 

✭Feel the mists that autonomously meander in the sky... 

✭Joy is additionally similar to them in some cases low and now and then high...

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Fraz Ahmed
22 Nov

This is very beautiful natural scene and also nice photography .


Zaroosh Fatima
22 Nov

Welcome to the Uptrennd Brother!

You didn't read the post carefully. I gave community poetry in the post but you called it photography. I am not downvoting you because your level is low. I will give you time to correct it, otherwise, I will downvote you.

I am sending you the link below. I hope you will learn a lesson from this and will not spam comments again.

Stay Blessed:)


Ram Ladhani
22 Nov


this is really attractve view of nature 

looks so awesome .

happy sunday dear


Zaroosh Fatima
22 Nov

Your comment is taking the form of spam. Because of this spamming, you can pay heavy fines and be Muted.

Please open this link.  

Stay Blessed:)


Amjad Ali Waince
22 Nov

Beauty of nature is absolutely stunning. Lovely lines with narrations. 

A blend of natural resources beauty stitched in your poetry. Lovely!!!


Zaroosh Fatima
22 Nov

I appreciate your comment. I have been watching you for a long time. You are doing a very good job. Keep up the good work. 

I am really impressed with you. You are the first person who has read my post carefully.

Otherwise, whatever people come has spammed the comment on the post.

More power to you...

Well done!

Stay Blessed:)


Amjad Ali Waince
22 Nov

Thanks @zaroosh , you are also amoung best writers of the platform. Nice frequent write ups. easy to understand and mind adopted.

Comments guidelines I got from sofs su and Aniss Emma. I try my best to understand the content . If I picked , I commented . other wise I leave it . 

Thanks for appreciation!! 


Farhan Haider
22 Nov

Beautiful and awesome scenery and lovely poetry 


Zaroosh Fatima
22 Nov

Your comment falls into the category of spam. You did not read the post carefully. 

Please stop spamming the comment, otherwise, you may be fined which will deduct your points.

Open this link and read the post carefully. Hope you don't spam again. Thanks,

Stay Blessed:)







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