"Am sorry" is more powerful than "I love you"

​I have realised that the phrase " I am sorry" and " thank you" is more powerful than "l love you" and these are two important statement to live by in any relationship and they are so much powerful than "I love you".

Do you agree with me ?

​have you noticed that some people will tell you they care and love you so much but they will never show it until you get sick. Is that love?

Have been asking myself for a very long time, why do people find it very difficult to say " I am sorry" but they can easily say " I love you" do you have any opinion?

​kindly share your view in the comments section.

​i will appreciate your feedback.

​thank you.

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Sana Riaz
22 Nov

Yah love is a unique feeling and this 3 is Magical words....


Syed Inayat shah
22 Nov

Sorry is a word which we can say to anybody when we make mistake or hurt someone but love is emotions which we cannot easily express and its full of emotions


Egwu Doris .
22 Nov

Am sorry is a heavy word only said by matured people.

Most people don't want to admit they are wrong. So it becomes difficult to say it out. Its easier for this set of people to cast blames than accept that they are wrong.

Pride or ego is another factor


O.P iykman
22 Nov


Well, Love without respect is not love! Yes! I have found that"I am sorry for whatever reason" is a sign of respect and also love!

So, there are some things we need to add up to make a relationship grow!.


Elizabeth Ibitoye
22 Nov

I've noticed that in different ways, the word am sorry too heavy in some peoples mouth most especially those ones that have pride in them.

There are some set ofpeople in relationship they believe they are on top am  man or woman of my word I can't say am sorry because if I he or she will look down on me, he or she will thing am beging him or her to make the relationship work.

So that ego will allow them to let go of the situation, they prefer the relationship to scatter than saying am sorry.







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