Altseason’s Here. Are You In Yet?

In 2017, I bought XRP at $.20 and watched it go to $3 in one month.

One month.



1,500% in ONE month.

I sold half at $3, the rest at $2.50, and thought I was a genius.

Only much later did I realize the real geniuses bought it at $.005 and sat on 4,000% gains before catching another 1,500% on top of that.

And you think LINK is expensive at $30 and $13 billion market cap?

Do you know what XRP’s market cap was when I bought it?

$11 billion.

That was in November 2017, when the overall crypto market and capital flows were much smaller. Now, the market is much bigger and money is far more abundant.

Do you still think we can’t see a $300 LINK token?

It’s altseason. It can definitely happen.

Altseason: a brief and beautiful thing

At some point, the entire market will crash. It’s inevitable.

Not a routine 30–40% drop, but a big one, probably 60–70% or more, with some altcoins going even lower.

Until then, altcoins will zoom.


As a result, you now have massive opportunities to make fast money.

If you’re good and lucky, you can realistically pull off 300% swing trades at will, and possibly do even better. Even just HODLing what you already have, 300% is realistic. Those gains are typical of every altseason.

If anything, that’s a low expectation. Many altcoins have already gone up 300% this year.

Get it while you can

Unless we get a very big drop in bitcoin’s price or a long sideways move, we will reach our market cycle peak soon.

At that point, the market will force you to sell to protect your investments from greedy people who will crash the market.

Once you see the signs of the market cycle peak, you will get out before the party ends.

You don’t have much time. Either we get a very nice, healthy drop soon, or we get a massive parabolic rocketship blast-off to the market cycle peak.

Now or in a few months

If you only want to make fast money in crypto, you need to act urgently.

That’s not my thing — I’m a tortoise, not a hare — but I wouldn’t assume this mania will last for the rest of 2021.

In fact, we have a lot of evidence to suggest it won’t last much longer.

After the crash, once the hype dies down and everybody has a chance to suss out the winners and losers, you will have massive opportunities to make slow, easy money. If you’re patient and savvy, you can realistically pull off 3,000% gains. Possibly, even better.

But you will have to wait for it.

I’m sitting on my hands

As for me, I’m not doing anything.

The best opportunities come when the market is boring and scary, not when everything’s hyped and prices are zooming.

Does that mean I’m missing out on juicy gains? Am I lame for not getting into the latest DeFi coin?


Actually, I’m almost certain I’m missing some short-term money-making opportunities.

My goal is to make the most of this bull market. I did that. I spent three years building a portfolio. I already found some moonshots. I feel fortunate that I’m in a position to chill and let the market do its thing.

I don’t need to add more risk and spend more time and money chasing altcoins.

If you subscribed to Crypto is Easy for long enough, you did, too. Some of my specific altcoin recommendations have already delivered 1,000% gains. Most are up 500% or more.

We got in early. No reason to play catch-up or ape into the latest governance token.

Enjoy this moment. In a few months or less, everything will change, as it did in the fall of 2020, winter of 2019, all through 2018, and twice during 2017. Nothing lasts forever.

Make sure you’re ready for when it ends. That’s when the real opportunities come.

Mark Helfman publishes the Crypto is Easy newsletter. He is also the author of three books and a top bitcoin writer on Medium and Hacker Noon. Learn more about him in his bio.

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preview not available Betty Ozemoje
22 Feb

I agree, there's definitely going to be a price correction at some point.


Jarau Moses
21 Feb

Thanks for reminding us that the best is yet to come, what low cap coins would you advice to hold for this bullrun??


zdigital 22
22 Feb

ETH is bearish, everyone let's take advantage of it.


RFND Investment
22 Feb

The adjustment started to begin from last Saturday, there was an important bearish candle which showed the bearish potential. It's hard to predict how far the market will fall, all of it will depend on testing supports. 

For example if ETH holds the support of 1,550 USD, probably the market may settle there for a while.

We got ready for it since last Thursday, cashing some alts even yesterday; and definitelly it was a decision that paid off. 


babidee boo1
22 Feb

How about Uptrennd in that market cap? I think everyone one here would be happy enough 😊







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