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Altseason 2019

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Olufunminiyi Ojo 3 months ago

Majority of the owner of alt coin are scam,all they wanted is money and nothing. I stop dashing out my money long time ago to alt token.

All they use in luring most people is there fake road map that they will never implemented.

Lucas S 3 months ago

It's very important to do the research on which projects and companies to invest in. For those that have bags in the companies they believe will stay around, holding on to those bags may be the best thing for them.

Let's hope that mass adoption happens over the next few years and the good ones keep growing!

Jeff Kirdeikis 3 months ago

A fancy website and whitepaper lured a lot of investors in 2017,
but it takes a LOT more than that to run a sustainable business.

Lucas S 3 months ago

I know you are speaking from experience, sir. The platform we are currently using speaks for itself =)

Itliker Shadda 3 months ago

yes sir i am in cryptocurrency market from last six month...

Its mean i am in initial learning phase ...i ahve found that most of project are here to scam only...as you say 99% its totally right...

So we should care and read expert analysis before going into any project...

As i did research for three month at start and then i find uptrennd and make research about and i read expert analysis....

I found it it pretty good then i started work here....

Today i can say its best place to learn about cryptocurrency for people like me...

I feel lucky to be the part of uptrennd

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

I do believe alts will follow BTC, but not as strog as it was in last bullrun. Also, I think next few years will be clearance time for all scam projects. So, I don't think it is a bad thing. We need more defined market and clearer defined project, and not a lot of projects that exist only on paper. PPeople learned their lesson and word spreaded during last year.

Fred Blauer 3 months ago

Good summary of the situation. But there are some good valuable alt coins, like etherium which is finally making good use of smart contracts for real world use cases like defi. I am using them every day for lending, staking, trading etc  but the supply is not fixed like bitcoin. There are many other useful alt coins that solve real problems like scaling, interoperability, security, privacy etc. These will be valuable for web3. It may take longer, and will only happen when bitcoin gets higher in value. Also global economic conditions are another factor. 


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