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23 Mar
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All You Need To Do Is Self-Isolate And Get Busy On Uptrennd

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UxaaMaa KHan 1 week ago

Yea I my self is trying to remain isolate. People are not taking it serious. They Dont know the way of transmission of this virus is Contagious. Contact make more easy of it's spread. We should aware the people to Use preventive measures and stay At home. Care is better than cure

Kiddanger Nobert 1 week ago

This is a deadly virus but I still wonder how some people can afford to take it unserious. 

UxaaMaa KHan 1 week ago

Actually, they are disrespecting the humanity

Kiddanger Nobert 1 week ago

Indeed, this is total disrespect. People need to value other people's lives by respecting the set measures in place like washing hands and staying isolated for now. 

yaha maz 1 week ago

I am in self Isolation and very busy making money on uptrennd and having fun with you guys. Thank you and keep safe

Umairudin Khan Swati 1 week ago

Yeah ur right please stay Home Stay Safe put your trust in Allah

Kiddanger Nobert 1 week ago

Indeed, Allah will not forget us if we trust in him. 

Adore Eu 1 week ago

I am not completely staying at home. I went to market today to stock the house. I plan to buy more things tomorrow. After that, I will stay at home, fully. Thanks

Kiddanger Nobert 1 week ago

You are right. But the markets are now filled with a lot of people trying to shop this and that. Please take caution. 

AMEEN AMEEN 1 week ago

Yes we should stay at home self isolation and take all safety precaution and safe himself and our family and others...

Kiddanger Nobert 1 week ago

I agree with you. I for one cannot afford to lose anything in this prevailing situation. I would rather take all precautions serious. 







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