[Airdrop] DGN [Airdrop]

[Airdrop] DGN [Airdrop]

Rewards: 125 DGN tokens (~$25,00) Ref

Welcome back to another airdrop review by AirdropBob.

In today's episode we bring to you the final round of the DGN token airdrop by Diagon. This time Diagon airdrops even more of their native crypto currency, the ERC20 based DGN token, than before. Now for all who missed the last round here is a short recap of the project. Diagon was created to bring to the world of eSports a state of the art platform to enable players from around the globe to compete against each other in teams as well as 1v1. The platform features four main components, they are the DiaArena to give everybody the chance to host their own tournaments. DiaConnect, a specially designed social network to connect eSports enthusiasts around the world. DiaStream, so everybody can watch the tournaments from DiaArena. And finally the DiaBet platform for betting on eSports tournaments. All this is set to be launched between Q3 and Q4 of 2020 and of course more features are planned for the future. So if this got you interested and you want to know more about this eSports ecosystem, just follow the links below to stay up to date with the latest developments and get all the information you want! And of course get the airdrop!

Get more information and the Reflink here: https://www.airdropbob.com/diagon/airdrop-diagon-final-round

Projects website: https://diagon.io

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