Aim For Quality Over Quantity


Another 2UP Tuesday is upon us! 

Shall I give you all another warning regarding low quality content?

Of course I shall! I love you all and want to see all of you succeed!

So, here is the little tip I am going to share with you:

If you are posting dozens of comments in an are a spammer. Even if you don't THINK you are spamming, you are a spammer. 

Now, why do I say this? 

It takes several minutes to read a post...I mean ACTUALLY read it...not just read the first and last sentence, and skip the rest. Then, it takes another minute or two in order to write a useful, unique comment under the post.

So, if it takes an hour to thoroughly read and comment under 10 or 12 are you commenting on 40 posts in that amount of time?

You are either skipping the reading part, or the writing part.

You are either writing a unique comment under a post you haven't read, or you are writing a generic comment under a post you HAVE read.

And what happens when you make a generic comment?

If you're lucky, it just gets downvoted. If you're not lucky, you get muted for spamming.

In both cases, it makes our platform look bad.

I challenge all of you to only comment below a post if you have truly read it, and, more importantly I challenge all of you NOT to comment below a post if you don't have anything unique to say. For example, if you see a beautiful photo of a flower that has been posted, and 5 people have already commented that flowers are beautiful...don't write it again. Either find something new to write, or don't write anything!


Great! Have a productive and meaningful 2UP Tuesday! ​​



Isaac Christian
18 Aug

Thank you so much Guardian for this post and your observations. I wonder how people achieve so much using comments. I'm also very sure that people don't read posts. 


It was almost going to discourage me from the platform initially but I found the inner motivation to keep moving.

But there is fundamental gap which I will like someone like @Timo Thee to assist in filling.

What happens to those of us who take time in reading and commenting on posts? How does the system take care of our interests.

It will be great if you can take this up and do whatever you can to recognize unique commentators for their time and intelligent contributions.


I have just sent in a post on "Atttitude to Your Next Door Neighbour". This has to do with relationship on Uptrennd, using a metaphor.

You may be surprised to see that high quality original contents do not attract the right volume of upvotes. 

There is a growing clique-based attitude towards upvoting others. It is negative, counter-productive and against the foundational principles of Uptrennd.

Your intervention will be highly appreciated.




preview not available Timo Thee
18 Aug

You raise some important points, Isaac.

Building a large community comes with many challenges, but we are committing to meeting the challenges head on.

Each Uptrenndian is responsible for building his or her own community on the site, in addition to helping others build their communities.

Guardians do their best, of course, but when there are tens of thousands of posts, and hundreds of thousands of comments each day, with only about 20 guardians to read them, the true power and responsibility lies in the hands of members like you.

Work on growing a strong community on the platform, so you can engage the posts of your friends and they can engage yours, just as you would with any other social media platform. This is the case for both posts and comments.




Chidiebere Christian
18 Aug

It's really wrong to post and reply without quality filled content. I think the need can never be over emphasized. For me , it's better I stay off from not replying than committing such offence



Olatunbosun Bossman
18 Aug

We should try to always make quality post on this platform to make it a better place for all of us



Sammiegold Osagie
18 Aug

By now we should know what it means when we say uptrennd is all about quality



preview not available Kamran Akbar
18 Aug

Hahhaa but now uptrennd has changed alot and it is so rare to see that kind of comments



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