Ailment of Community

The motive of existence is not only survival of one's self; rather the Lord has manifested us to satisfy others too. But instead of making others delightful! we all have attempted to build an as sick society where an individual can't marries out of sect; a girl can't attempt to renovate her love story, into reality; where each glance comprises of lust; happiness and prosperity of one are not comprehended by other; prestige; the life of each soul is not saved; price of goodness is a bloodbath; the one who rules always rule over the rights of downtrodden; poor can only dream but on one will push him/her in a straight direction toward the cherishing of a dream; if one implies modesty in lifestyle, taunts about liberalism are being listened to; if one attempts to live a conserved life; his/her soul becomes intolerable; pretty faces are admired but beautiful hearts are smashed. Money can't rise to happiness but each happiness is dependent upon money.

Loyalty is disgraced and disloyal are authorized to humiliate the emotions of fellow. Relationships are dependent upon the exchange; give benefit otherwise you are useless like tissue paper. Dear Human, you are victorious in showing yourself that are lower than animals; because they still have such traits of love; loyalty; sympathy; harmony; your sickness of the psyche is going to get you closer toward your extinction.

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Hurmain Zara
02 Mar

This is very disgusting. We ourselves created this environment for us which is the result of Our thinking and our own deeds. We have to wash our brain from such thinking who make restrictions for us to  remove such ailments in communities. 

Superb post of the day. 


Lubna Rao
02 Mar

We are doing very bad with us and you are saying right in animal love is found and they live together and no feel hesitation but in human everyone is disrespectful other and see other as a lower point. 

But now we need to improve


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
02 Mar

Everything you've said is true, but still we shouldn't be discouraged.
We just have to continue fighting to make this world a better place, justice will reign one day, only God knows when.


Ayesha Malik
02 Mar

I remember the Darwin theory that we are considered as higher animals but seems likes animals have beaten us in this aspect of humanity; loyalty and conformity;

We only deserve the names to be called human but our savage behavior doesn't merit the definition of higher again.

Thoughtful composition 👍


preview not available Emaan Ali
02 Mar


We are living in a society where we think about others first but not for our family. This cruel rule is breaking many hearts bit still we are thinking about societies. 

We have that kind of persons who are unaware of word loyalty, they know how to discourage anyone, how to demotivate them. This restricted environment is spoiling the future of young ones.


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