*Mr Chairman,*

*Accurate time keeper,*

*My Able Youths,*

*In short,*

*All protocols duly observed.*

*My name is my name, and I am here to propose the motion that states*

*'Nobody senior* *another person for this life, na turn*

*by turn', with my following reasons.*

*1. Dem first born you no mean say na you*

*go first die. Even Bible support am.*

*2. If you first me touch ceiling because you*

*tall, I go first you to pick stone sake of say I near ground pass.*

*3. You fit first me* *enter SS1 and I fit first you enter university.*

*4.My jeep fit stop for road while your Beetle fit carry you reach house.*

*5. Girl wey marry last year fit born pikin before woman wey marry 10 years ago.*

*6. Small boy wey just finish school fit begin work before chairman wey do NYSC 2005*

*7. If aeroplane engine knock, both person wey dey first class and the one for economy, na the same Jesus dem go call.*

*8. Na Oga de pay driver, but AC de first blow driver before e reach oga for back.*

*9. Person wey de healthy fit die before person wey de sick.*

*10. You de stay upstairs no mean say you near God pass.*

*11. Stone de scatter water, and water de pieces stone.*

*12. Mr time keeper, as you want to ring that bell, may your time in this world not be over.*

*I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you that 'no body*

*senior another person for this life, Na turn by turn*

*Reflect on these words*

1.Your BIRTH came through *Others*

2.Your NAME was given by *Others*

3. You were EDUCATED by *Others*

4.Your INCOME indirectly comes through *Others*

5. Your RESPECT is given by *Others*

6. Your first BATH was given by *Others*

7. Your last BATH will be done by *Others*

8. Your FUNERAL will be organised by *Others*

9. You will be taken to your FINAL RESTING PLACE by *Others*


10. EVERYTHING you owned will be inherited by *Others*

Isn't it high time we learnt to live in peace and harmony with *Others*, because all through our lives, at one point or the *Other*, we will need each *Other*

. Do have a great day ahead💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽




Asim jahangir
10 Oct

Yaa you are right great post bro i like it


Saviour Essien
10 Oct

Wonderful article keep up with the good work don’t be discourage by the upvote. 







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