After Almost a Two Year Wait the Fluz App is Ready for Primetime!!

Fluz is Finally Here and I am Ecstatic!

Back in December 2017, I was at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Bogota, Colombia. This guy who I just met asked me repeatedly to talk to him about his latest project. He finally caught me in the lobby of the hotel enjoying a moment on the couch while sipping a coffee. His name was Maurice Harary. This was one of those moments in time that can change your life and you don't even know it.

Maurice Harary went on to tell me about Fluz and the ICO he had just launched. He asked me if I would take part in the ICO and more importantly if I would share the information with my following across social media? Since he had family in Panama and was also living in NY we both hit it off and I was excited to share the good news of Fluz with my community. I went home and my group of friends singlehandedly put in almost $500k towards the Fluz ICO!

Then came the long wait. Unlike other pump and dump ICO's of 2017 the Fluz team got to work building something spectacular. As one of my favorite developer friends said, "you can cook a hamburger for cheap and it might work out for you but if you do it right you can cook a steak". Meaning, spend the time and money to build something spectacular. That is what Maurice Harary, his partner Stephan Krautwald and the team have done.

What is the Fluz App?

Fluz is an always free cashback app. It is as simple as that. Watch the Fluz video here. 


The standard model.

With the standard model, you shop at your favorite stores and earn cashback from your own purchases. Fluz embraces buyer rewards and works hard to get you the best rates. But we've also created a new model to put additional cashback in your pocket.


The new Fluz model.

With Fluz, when your invites earn cashback from their purchases, so do you. Every time. So instead of the one-time bonus, it’s ongoing income.


Growing your network is easy.

When your friends invite their friends, and their friends invite their friends, your network branches out and your income adds up.

OMG Randy Fluz Sounds Like One of Those Pyramid Things!

It sounds like it because it is. The difference here is that you don't have to pay anything to get involved. The Fluz app will always be free and is open for anyone in the world to participate. Even though the Fluz app was designed to be launched and used in the USA first, I have friends worldwide already using it to get cash back from retailers like Amazon, Uber, Uber Eats, Air BNB, etc.

Imagine a scenario like this, you are going on a trip to NYC but you live somewhere outside the USA. You book your hotel with your Fluz app cashback code and earn 2% you then go to your local airport using UBER and earn 2% more. You buy some Burger King at the airport and earn 2%. You do this the whole time you are on your trip. Netting tons of cashback and then you send the earned cashback to your Paypal. 

Then on top of all that, imagine for a moment that you had a few hundred people you personally invited to the app. They all go out and use the cashback offers. You get a small piece of what Fluz earned for any purchase they make!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fluz?

1. How does cryptocurrency fit in? 

The team will be making the Fluz token a way to earn double cashback within the app. The platform will also allow the withdrawal of funds via Crypto in the future.

2. Can I sign up if I am outside of the USA?

You sure can, the Fluz app launched in the USA but will be expanding all over the world. Like I mentioned above, many of the offers like Amazon and UBER are already available to international members.

3. Can I stack offers on top of Fluz app to increase my cashback?

You can use your current cashback credit cards with the app. Stack away!

4. How do I sign up? Simply download the app. It is available for IOS and Android. Make sure to use my referral link. 



Sarah Elice
20 Oct

Hey Randy can you provide link of the download source or is it available on Play Store ?



M Zubair
20 Oct

Goodi hope i. It will work in pakistan also. 



Mohammad Wasi
20 Oct

Thanks for introduce us about this new app & also good comprehensive review.....!



Cryptovato 1
21 Oct

Today I will delete some apps from my mobile. After doing it I will install this one. Excellent tip Randy!



Randy Hilarski
21 Oct

No problem Jan, I hope you enjoy it. Full marketing for the app begins in January.



SaMi Chowdhury
20 Oct

Fluz token a way to earn double cashback within the app but how could you please say something, It will work  all over the world great to hear this.



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