Adding Voice to a Good suggestion

I read a post by @Marriam about three weeks ago giving some suggestion for improving uptrennd and it really got me thinking. Here I wish to lend a voice to one of her suggestions; UPTRENND SUPPORT. She suggested that uptrennd should have her support in uptrennd and not in Telegram or anywhere else.

Let’s look at it closely facebook support is in facebook. Twitter support is in twitter not in telegram even telegram support though unorganized is in telegram not anywhere else. When I have problem with my facebook account I don’t run to telegram or anywhere else to complain, I complain right there in facebook. Every platform I know have their support and complain channel within the platform why is that of uptrennd outside uptrennd?

I want to join Marriam to ask that uptrennd needs to bring her support channel back to uptrennd platform. If possible an email system can be built into uptrennd with a dedicated email address for that purpose. Even as it is, the messaging channel of the uptrennd platform could be effectively employed and we don’t have to go to telegram for support for our uptrennd activities.

Now when I consider uptrennd activities going on in telegram and discord it don’t make economic sense to me. I understand that a lot of crypto project are being promoted in telegram and telegram is being employed to increase the popularity of these projects but having uptrennd support in telegram is not good enough. I know a handful of uptrenndians came to uptrennd through telegram groups but not uptrennd telegram groups. The Uptrennd University is another thing I don’t understand why it should be in discord. The argument is that the video calling that allow you to exit and join freely makes it suitable for the activity of the university. My argument is that if it is Uptrennd University then it should be in Uptrennd. These features that make discord suitable can be built into uptrennd. I don’t understand why people should be rewarded for enjoying their selves in discord with 1up. What does uptrennd as a platform benefit from discord? Is there any collaboration between uptrennd and Discord that benefits uptrennd in some sort that I don’t know off? We are beginning to have different uptrennd discord groups which I think is not very healthy for uptrennd platform.

I have been ruminating over this for sometimes now and I can’t convince myself of the merits of having uptrennd activities outside uptrennd when it is possible to have them in uptrennd and especially when they are not in any way promoting uptrennd popularity. You may wish to help convince me otherwise with your views. Thanks.

Image: from @Marriam post



Hafeez Rehman
14 Jan

Yes, also read that post and active users are suggesting many good things about growing up this platform, I appreciate your suggestions especially the dedicated email is helpful.


Arslan Shani
14 Jan

what is this ????

For what porpose do you post this short content🤣🤣


Godwin Imafidor
14 Jan

Check it again, something went wrong


Unyime Jacob
14 Jan


Your are absolutely correct. Since other platforms are not in a any way bringing benefits to the uptrennd,then let's do all our activities in uptrennd. But if there is any benefit i don't know,then share with us.


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
14 Jan

Yes I think I support you because as we all know is that everything should be done inside uptrennd and not outside like the telegram.


Morris Ohi
14 Jan

Nice school of thought i totally concur with your writing and believe it's a wonderful thing if it's being considered. 







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