Addictive habit without substances

The concept of "addiction" usually goes hand in hand with that of "drug", but in practice, this is not the case. There are addictions in which the consumption of any addictive substance is not involved, and in fact, they are not statistically rare cases.

The large number of people who have become addicted to gambling and spend many hours a week betting their money and even going into debt to keep trying their luck is, for example, a sign that this type of disorder does not depend on our brain comes into contact with certain molecules from outside.

In this article we will explore the issue of non-chemical addictions, seeing what happens in the body and mind of the human being when they take control of the person.

What is a non-chemical addiction?

As we have advanced, a non-chemical addiction is one that is not based on dependence on the consumption of a certain psychoactive substance with addictive potential. This means that although it can occur together with the consumption of drugs that can generate addiction, the addiction that is being suffered does not arise from dependence on these, but from a pattern of behaviors and interaction with the environment learned in a way conscious or unconscious.

Consider, for example, the person who goes to the casino every week to gamble a good part of his saved money and who, once there, has a few drinks: addiction has to do with the habit of participating in games of chance and exposing oneself to an environment that facilitates these types of behaviors, not in the consumption of alcohol itself. On the other hand, non-chemical addictions can generate the same degree of dependence that we find in drug addiction, although the triggering event is another and is a little less harmful to the body in the short term, because there is no molecule that interacts in an abnormal way with the neurons of our nervous system. However, in the medium and long term, non-chemical addictions have a level of danger comparable to drug addiction.

In addition, since its appearance does not go hand in hand with the action of consuming products that are already considered dangerous or with risks, for many people non-chemical addictions may seem harmless, since the idea that a drug can develop is not very intuitive. addiction without introducing a substance into the body. This makes it more difficult to realize that you have a problem.

How are addictions without substance triggered?



Adegbe Gift
26 Nov

Pornography is another addiction without substance, so many people are addicted to pornography, and this pornography leads to masturbation, which damages people in one way or the other. And this kind of addiction is very hard to overcome, I know of someone that fought to overcome this


Omoniyi Popoola
26 Nov

Mobile phones addiction is another addiction without substance i fought for sometime by learning to drop my phones and talking to people


Saqib Ali
26 Nov

I think the involvement of any drug addict in bronze has a huge impact on the environment.Because the environment that is available to man is molded within it. There are many people in our environment who are addicted to non chemicals addiction.But mobile phones and smoking are a common thing that people often see this addiction.


Nosheen Saleem
26 Nov

Social media usasge is one of the addiction  which is trending more now a days 


syeda muazma
26 Nov

You said it right. Addiction is not only limited to drugs or alcohol type products.

We can become addicted to anything that we make a habit. Above all, there are some certain habits that are dangerous like too much use of mobile phone and many more. There is also an addiction of talking to someone and staying connected with them 24/7. And when that person isn't available, we become stressful and sad. 

To avoid all this, we should have moderation in everything.







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