Acquire skill; Certificate is not enough

Gone are the days when certificate is enough to secure job. The rate of graduates is increasing at geometric rate and this give birth to high rate of unemployment and social vices. The idle hand is devil's workshop.

The available job in our society is no longer enough to serve the number of graduates and this now render certificate void without skill (soft or hard skill). In order to be able to fight and secures seat and earn living in life, skill need to be added to certificate.

Let me buttress my points with this story; sometimes ago an interview was scheduled and many people applied. And few made it to the final stage and among are first class and third class. During oral section of the interview, they ask the first class what software can he used? He said no software. And they asked the third class and he said he can use five different software. That was how they asked him to seat on the system and set AutoCAD template, which he did perfectly and immediately he was employed. While the first class has leave without any consideration.

The lesson from this is that, certificate need to be backed up with a skill. It may be soft or hard skill. Soft skill includes learning of software related to your field of study while hard skill includes learning of salon, tailoring, bricklaying and many more. Stop waiting for White collar job now and start self development. With this sky will be your limit in life.

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kolobeJohannes Mafalo
03 Nov

Thats true, believe you me if one does not acquire new skills they are slowly  killing hope, new skill open doors and opportunities


Angela Eramah
03 Nov

Your motion is very valid.. especially in nation like ours when getting a job is like winning a lottery. Everyone needs to acquire special skills to help them earn a living


Rana Iqrar
03 Nov

You have made a very good post Degrees are only received for getting a job. We work for someone even after studying for 16 years. We study for 16-18 years that we will become servants.

I think we need to learn skills so that we can start our own business and become independent.


Tayyab Hasnain
03 Nov

Now abilities matter most as compared to certificate because 

Certificates are easy to get now a days...


Yamin Nuruddin
03 Nov

Well said. Gone are the days when you graduate with a certificate , jobs are ready for you. Nowadays, you have to compete with those with multi skills, otherwise you lose. Good advice especially for the young ones. 







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