From the time of publishing this post,

In 15 hours, UPTRENND🆙 will be celebrating the New year 2021,

In 11 hours, VENEZUELA🇻🇪 will be celebrating the New year 2021,

In  6 hours, NIGERIA🇳🇬 will be celebrating the New year 2021,

In 2 hours, PAKISTAN🇵🇰 will be celebrating the New year 2021.

And in many countries, it is already the new year 2021

Before New year reach you, this is the time we see most people already mentioning their New year goals and resolution for the new year to come Which is a good thing.

And as much as I want to succeed, I also want to see us all succeed the next year, but it's still an individual choice and decision to make.

Which means this year should be different and will be different. If only we set our goals and work towards achieving them. If it's to achieve that business/academic goals, family goal, relationship, love, finance or health goals we have to work towards achieving them.

Don't set-up goals and dreams just to abandon them few months into the new year. Because doing such only result in self deception. And deceiving oneself is like telling a lie to ourself.

 And I pray that the Pandemic is brought into control so it Don't resist our movement this year. Because we will all make the most out of the new year to come if we could only work towards our set goals for the year.

I Hope to meet a successful you at the end of the year 2021.

Happy New year in advance

Best regards,


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M.A Khan
31 Dec

Yes @PNPONLINE O if we set goals then yes we must have to achieve our goals and for that we must have to work for that.  Happy new year.  Hope that new year will be the best for whole world.


Ifiok Eso
31 Dec

Amen bro, we will all be successful in 2021, that was why we suffered and survived in 2020..


Epiphany Arthur
31 Dec

In my opinion, the major reason why we often fail to achieve our goals and/ new year resolutions is that we often aim at getting the most work done... our dreams are so big, they tend to be unrealistic.

Now, there's no problem with setting big goals, or having big dreams... The best thing to do is to set realistic goals that are easy to achieve (think SMART). That way, there is almost no room for disappointment -ceteris paribus.


Muhammad Ali
31 Dec

Happy new year to all friends With many prayers. May Allah Almighty make 2021 the year of peace, progress, freedom, tranquility, health, hope and prosperity for all of us. May Allah Almighty grant us more in the new year than what was taken away from us last year.

Amen or Lord of the worlds. Amen.


Shmily Gul
31 Dec

Yp only planning is not enough we have to work for it too. Setting targets and work with dedication can help us to archives our goals.

Happy new year. 

Stay blessed.


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