A Sunflower Thread🌻


(Dedicated to flowers)
Sunflower is my favorite flower though🌻.

 Sunflowers hold a message from nature to life and that is, heliotropism (a 12 hour movement facing towards sun and away). Human life is based on diurnal variations (only two possibilities), yes or no!! We are too often obsessed with the people whom we love; we think them as a godly mortal or "essence" of our life.

 We can do anything to save that person from going away from us, no matter if they are not interested to raise ease in our life. We still beg them to stay, we reach out to them considering the only person who can cure our deprivations. Even if they ought to destroy us, our emotions being brewed for them are dominating the harm that they are giving us same as the sunflower; that absorbs unlimited sun for continuous 12 hours and looses its turgidity when excess of it happens.

When we are destroyed, we are ruined mercilessly by the scorch of brutal behaviours, we tend to change our thoughts, we move away from the destruction of our own. Overripened emotions are never constructing human growth!! Sun flower marks a message, a hidden message to save yourself from exposure to over heating nonetheless, your ownself will be ruined!!



Shehzad Niazi
20 Oct

I think we can get lesson from every aspect of creation of God. Everything has lesson inside like sunflower.

Everything also provide lesson to us to keep it touch with the God and hope for its blessing on you.

One day you will get ,you dream for it and struggle for it .


Captain Philips
20 Oct

I love the hidden but strong message with Sunflowers, arguably the most decorated flower after Rose- The Queen of flowers.

Permission to add this; Both the Sunflower and Rose are ugly and unattractive post their blossoming, but after which: they glow  beyond human fantasies, and I wish everyone could take a motivation in this life of sunflowers.


Rejoice Adegbe
20 Oct

People often don't recognise the love we have for them, because we are so much obsessed and we can't move on without them, they're so dearly to us even though we don't get any concern in return.  

We should welcome such people in our lives, they want the best for us


Donkyzhang Nobert
20 Oct

Indeed, some behaviours are really not of any benefit to man and its required for man to drop them as soon as possible and try to emulate those that are deemed good and wonderful for any community. 

Also, the use of the sunflower, is a really applicable example if we think about especially by how it absorb the sunlight as compared to other plants. 



Ubaid Rehman 🇵🇰
20 Oct

Yes Sun flowers have great behaviour. We learnt something from it.We should not Ruined our self and change our thought from destroying our selves.

You created  deep post thanks for give us lessons


Donkyzhang Nobert
20 Oct

Indeed, this is very insightful post and the use of sunflower is smoothly make us understand the whole idea to the dot (to the least we can fathom) 



Ubaid Rehman 🇵🇰
20 Oct

Yes Bro Agree with you.

I appreciate this Post, It is not easy to make such type of Post.

It needs more hard Work.


Fasiha Gull
20 Oct

excellent dear this is the message for humans because all the time sunflower gets lights and heat whole of the time and do not care about their life and and if i say a healthy life  . same asthe example of the people who do not care of us and they have taken no and not even one stept left to destroy our lives as well as to destroy all the thing which we have in our lives but we may loves those persons and we do for that persons as well.







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