Mohammad Imran Mohammad Imran
14 Oct
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"A Suggestion For Uptrennd Team"

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Elena Demou 5 months ago

This is definitely something that we will be implementing at some point. I agree!

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Happy to see Elena Demou that you are agreed with my suggestion.

Tariq Mehmood 5 months ago

This is really an inovative Idea, I think management should also extend the limit of posts too.

Victoria Haruna 5 months ago

I love your suggestions too. And just like the Uptrennd team, it seems like you are in tune with the dreams and aspiration of how the platform should look like

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

It's great the way you expressed your love about my suggestion. Definitely i love uptrennd and want to see it an awesome platform.

Tariq Mehmood 5 months ago

Your Suggestion is really great.................Management should think about it seriously.

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

That’s a great idea, we are already discussing it and we appreciate all the community feedback.

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Thanks Jan Bounda for already taking it under consideration. The beautiful thing I found in uptrennd is to encourage community for giving their ideas. Your encouragement matters alot for us.

Yasir Mehmood 5 months ago

Such a great idea this will help all uptrenndeins and specially  new users. I appriciate you on this great suggestion , this shows that you very sincere to the platform..keep it up bro..And I requested the uptrennd community to take action on this as soon as possible.

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Thanks Yasir for your appreciation and being agreed with me. Sincerity and love with the platform is the key of uptrennd and it's community's success.

Busola Akinlolu 5 months ago

Hey Mohammad, 

Such a great idea, all these are been worked on and every new and old usee will get all the rules and guidelines in one place.

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Thanks Busola Akinlolu liking my suggestion.







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