A Story of Beautiful flower bangles

Today, I went to a restaurant for a lunch and I have seen a small boy age 8-9 years old boy was selling flower bangles. he was really cute but looks very poor, I offered him 50 Rupees, but surprisingly he gave me bangles. I told him I dont want these bangles just take the money, but he said to me " please take it, it will look good on you."

he was continuously refusing the money, he had tears in his eyes. it was so heartbreaking to see a child like this and he wasn't ready to accept the money as well so i bought bangles from him and he happily took the money.

I was surprised to see the little child with so much honesty. we should buy things from those peoples who are selling things on the streets, few cents are nothing for you but it's much for many peoples. 



preview not available Adelan o
21 Jan

The boy has a character I love, it's better to work legitimately than steal, the boy is proud of his work and wanted you to have it in your possession. Trust me, you having that bangle would give him more joy than the money. Your gesture is admirable and one others must emulate. Not all fingers are equal and we are more privileged than ourselves. But our humanity and love for others will set us apart. Cheers


El Salvadore
21 Jan

Hmm, I almost had a bread expirience and I don't actually relent to buy from them, because that's what they survive by.

I can imagine the little boy's smile as you bought the bangles from him..


Ayesha Malik
21 Jan

Instead of begging they are attempting to earn by hard work so don't overlook their endeavour.

Each act of kindness matters 💕you have done sacred work.


Musawir Ali
21 Jan

People like these are really precious. 

He had the guts to not accept that money despite being extremely poor and having tears in his eyes. He was a kid he should have easily accepted the money without selling anything but he values other things too

We should be always available for their help in any way possible 


Adetola Muheez
21 Jan

Wow . That's so sincere of him..some would have taken d tip rather than get paid for thier stock.

I'm glad you brought smile again to the boy face .more happiness would be yours from that little kindness







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