A silent disease

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The latest invention of science has undoubtedly made the world a global village. In today's advanced and scientific age, where it has become very easy to work, the day-to-day inventions have also created many serious problems. Have done While countless inventions have made the daily lives of human beings cheaper and easier, these inventions have also taken a dangerous turn. And in the world of these new inventions, the mobile phone is also the lifeblood of human beings. About 15 to 20 years ago, the mobile phone was not so desperately needed for people. 

People used Land Line  There was a telephone in the whole house, which was regularly billed every month. With regard to the telephone, it was also effective to keep him informed only about his important office matters or the situation of his friends and relatives.

Today, in this day and age, children find it difficult to live their lives without a mobile phone unless they have an Android phone in their hand. Lifestyle is considered to be lacking. As a reward for passing 7th, 8th and matriculation, they give away mobile phones without knowing that they are pushing their children towards a silent disease and a disease which is not generally considered a disease in our society.


 Whatever happens It has both positive and negative effects. But experience has shown that people are more receptive to negative effects. As one of the problems created by mobile phones is that people have become eager to take pictures without any opportunity and now that the show of selfies has started, you can see wherever you have the opportunity to stand and sit. Lets take selfies and sometimes the same passion for selfies has taken away many lives but the ghost of selfies is not coming down. Wherever he gets a chance, he can make a photo or video of anyone, whether the person in front agrees with it or not. This hobby, in particular, takes on an inhumane form and becomes extremely dangerous. 


When there is a bomb blast, an accident or a tragedy and the people on the spot are busy transporting the dead and helping the injured, taking pictures or videos of them instead of taking them to the hospital. It is an extreme and cruel act. Those who do so should think for themselves that if, God willing, they ever get into an accident or tragedy and people are busy saving these moments instead of helping them, then they What will happen to his own heart ?? 


At the same time, the desire to take pictures with a mobile phone can be very harmful and can manifest in the form of various physical ailments. Because the rays coming out of it are harmful. According to a report, a friend of the father of a three-year-old child forgot to turn off the flashlight when he took a picture of the child with his mobile phone, after which tears flowed from the child's eyes and then when he had difficulty seeing, the parents They took him to the doctor where they found out that one of the child's eyes had become blind due to a bright flashlight. 


According to doctors, the macula(The macula is the central area of the retina and is of particular interest to retina specialists.) in the retina of the eye is severely affected when a camera flashlight falls near the child's eye until he is about four years old. There is a high risk of vision loss and this is an incurable problem. By this age the macula in the child's eye has not fully developed, so it cannot tolerate such bright light. Doctors have instructed people to make sure that their camera's flashlight is off before taking pictures of a child before the age of four, otherwise their child may be blind for life. In addition, giving a mobile phone with Wi-Fi in the hands of children all the time unnecessarily also causes a lot of diseases, so be sure to use it, but do not exceed the limit and generally say no. Keep it out of the reach of children, so be sure to follow this sentence here




Muhammad khan Salman
22 Nov

Really you are right dear it's so bad for children to give away a mobile phone set which cause many silent diseases which almost ignore on the society....Thanks for sharing this most important information about the mobile phone set for giving to children....


Basirullah Khan
22 Nov

A disease that produces no clinically obvious symptoms or signs. Examples include hypertension, many forms of cancer (including small lesions of







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