A piece of me DIED!!

World moves, people changes, realities exposed, relations denied, failure occurred, success achieved wait... But we are same? Yes, nothing changes except our mind its human psyche our state of mind changes but not we. We will be the same we won't be changing ourselves but yes we switch our stages but the end is the same as where we started from... 

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Keep in mind!!! No one is changing their selves for you because no one cares until it's up to them. Like I said above your stage of mind will fluctuate time to time will always prefer the condition which is easy and suitable for it because everyone ones to repeat acts they have been doing as nothing changes really in this world...

A piece of me died 


This quote portrays a true condition and the choice is yours either you die in consequences or in one time. No one loves to be thrashed again and again but that how the world is revolving it started from one point and meet again at that same point and thus implies to our lives too.....

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If you think people will morn over your death then that your biggest misunderstanding none other than your parents will remember you everyone will be there in your funeral and even in the graveyard I see people discussing business deals when their friend is being buried from where he came from...... 

Hurting someone seems to be so easy, no one knows your inner pain "Except yourself " but in some cases, you expect to get attended and all the time you get thrashed away by those *LAUGHS 😂* Seems so funny that why it's made for but you never know how it can be painfully used in some cases because "You don't care lol"

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You keep on giving chances, you keep on improving yourself but you can't change the realities of this world and that's hows things works I remember my English grammar teacher once said that *Universal Truth sentences will remain same* while changing tenses of any sentence, Now I say people will remain same provided their state of mind fluctuates to get maximum benefits....... 

Concluded that World will move, Continue to hurt you, Continue to make your path full of hurdles only you've to do is to be calm and not to expect much. Giving chances is fine as no one is perfect but if someone ruins all opportunities just omit them. 

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Akash KP
15 Jan

Different conditions force us to be changed and think differently. Such conditions also change our thinking and behaviours with others. We remains the same but our thoughts vary. 


Abubakar Usman
15 Jan

Nice post Mr Navi, their was a saying, "A banana leafes cannot escape a damage from rain, so this means no one can change the cause life". We remain the same, we came from almighty God and we will still go back to Him. Thanks for sharing sir. 


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Jan

We all now a days talk to much for change , positivty and orientation but actually we didn't follow it for ourselves. We remained the same as we were. May we vary our thoughts time to time according to the condition but main part stands like steel ever.


Saima Idrees
15 Jan

Life is a continuous trial, we met many people here directly or indirectly, there sre many who courage us and many more who get jealous and alway tries to pull the legs.... 

we hurt from such attitudes, but its time being things... time is good healer, and se forget all difficulties or hinder faced by other....We should accept our fate, what is in our luck it will be happened and we have to accept it, I think in this way we will be able to spebd a contented life... 

Stay blessed...


Tooba Munir
15 Jan

Life has changed our thinking. different circumstances of life change our thinking. If we think positively, we show good behavior that is good for our life. life is best when we think positive and we show good behavior to people.







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