A Night Club In Pakistan.

​​​​​ today I would talk about Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the future and present thoughts and innovations in the country all those who are Pakistani or who have visited Pakistan know that in Pakistan too much erotic parties are prohibited there is restriction on couple get together I want to say that in Pakistan you can not date anyone it is illegal at all.

Yes you heard the truth. But it is also true that where there are restrictions there is most probabality and most chances of rules to be broken same is with pakistan.

 As government banned adult websites in Pakistan but people never stop watching them via VPN because where there are restrictions on the people try to adopt different parts to fulfill their needs it is also true that Pakistani school started as number one country ine watching adult material button Pakistan it is prohibited.

 nightclubs and bars are not legal at all but in Islamabad in Lahore in Karachi they are open and many and thousands of people go there to enjoy I want to say that no one can restrain animal what people want to do they would do weather wether the path is right or it would be better if you make it right for them and easy otherwise they would do it by their own behalf.

​ with the passage of time and liberalization the path is moving toward free thoughts and free living life style without interest deduction what people want to do they like that they should be allowed to do that.

​ I am sharing Story of my night spent on a night club this is the incident of 25 June 2019 when I was in Islamabad and I really enjoyed that while having fun with strangers and with persons who are there to enjoy I want to say that this is not bad at all What we like we should do that it I would give respect to your values and comments.




Chidiebere Nze
27 Nov

We need to get away relax, reflect and recharge. Just as a top is wound up , released and let go to spin it finally comes to rest. Enjoyed. Looked like it was a really good one.


Muhammad Amir
27 Nov

In Islamic Republic Of Pakistan tings Just like Bar and Night Clubs are banned according to our country rule and islamic as well so we can,t bear such things readily available and avoid these at all cost in our beloved country


Hasnain Khan
27 Nov

Here you have rightly said that in Pakistan there is a prohibition on club activities and illegal and obscene activities. Islam also forbids us from all the things that lead to social misconduct. This is very unfortunate.  It is said that such clubs are open in big cities and they are not strictly dealt with. But it is not necessary that whatever is prohibited should flourish in this area. Islam strictly forbids evil deeds such as  Drug addiction or dating is one of them. It is not only the responsibility of the government but it is also our moral duty to identify such bases of immorality and support the government in eradicating them.  The breed is protected from all such filth.


Daniel Mayowa
27 Nov

Am not really a man of nightclub so I did not use to go even tho am invited 

But still I love enjoying myself like going to party full with enjoyment


preview not available Adelan o
27 Nov

With all the stress and worry life throws at us, hahahah, I must be able to enjoy myself however I want to. And clubs are just awesome, Lol.

I can't imagine living in a world where my rights to dance and have fun with friends, while have a drink or two is prohibited, Jeez😄🙆🏽‍♂️🤬


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