A new baby??? Almost time to celebrate!

(This is long.  Of course you don't have to read it all.  But it's here.   And Spammers?  I double dog dare you to spam this post. Be ready for the onslaught of downvotes by the end of today if you think I'm bluffing.)

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I came to Jeff with an idea almost 9 months ago.  9 months! haha  Ironically, just like the growth of a child for 9 months, a new project is about to be born! and in a word... it's gorgeous!

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I still laugh about how Jeff teased me after hearing the original idea for Uptrennd University (which was based off a prior program I created and ran)... it took weeks before he stopped giving me a hard time about HOW I proposed the idea to him.  Nope.  Not telling you all.   His teasing finally stopped so I'm not going to start it up again! hahaha

But I still have his response back to me.  Yes, it was VERY cool having the founder of a platform take the time to send me a video response expressing his excitement over the idea, and backing it fully!

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Like many journeys, there are plans and there are roadblocks, detours, setbacks, replanning, etc.  Along the way, I remember having to send Jeff an updated plan.  I remember being terrified that I was letting him down that the numbers weren't as expected. The price of the token, the overwhelming number of spammers, the gravity of the amount of time required to pour into this project and more  - all played into the need for an updated plan.  I didn't want to bring excuses.  I just wanted to bring results.  I'm a perfectionist that way.

His response was so gentle and encouraging.  I won't share it with you - but I promise you, I'll treasure it.  Once again, he showed that he had great faith in our team, and specifically its leader.  I was overwhelmed, but renewed.

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We had heard the whispers and read the reviews of Uptrennd.  We knew how the "outside world" viewed our platform.  It was disheartening. We wanted to bring in new people, but how?  When the things they were saying about Uptrennd were actually true. We were overrun with spam.  The quality of our platform content wasn't as high as it could be.  Where to begin?  The obvious answer was  - spammers.  Content creators might come - IF we could chase the spam away.  We knew we couldn't ever battle it 100%.  Spam is the bane of most platforms' existence.  However, here it seemed to thrive and grow in seemingly unstoppable ways.

We took the kind approach. (love) We got mocked. (hate)

We took the teaching approach. (love) We got downvoted. (hate)

We reported plagiarists. (love) The same ones stayed for weeks and weeks. (hate for the entire platform)

And it grew, grew, and grew.  So we stopped being so kind, and started defending the platform boldly and fiercely. (love - but TOUGH LOVE)

Spammers (thieves) had the audacity to complain, and most of you know the end of that story.

Spam was THE biggest leak in our boat.  As fast as they came, they stole upvotes, formed upvote rings, withdrew exponential points weekly, and lowered the value of the token. They left their spam everywhere, mocking the entire platform.  I had already written the "famous" post.  Jeff had already called out to the community to rise up.  But it wasn't enough.  We were losing, and then we were asked to stop fighting.

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We didn't stop fighting. Because not one of us has it in our nature to surrender to thieves.  But we turned our attention to a new battle

Approximately two months ago, I sent my most recent update/detour to Jeff.  I knew we didn't have enough people here to fight the good fight.  We needed recruits.  But how to get them here?  Bigger (more terrifying!) plans needed to be made. Small projects also were created - not for any agenda.  Simply because we love our community, saw needs, and have hearts for generosity. As we were building UU, we were also loving those who needed help and hope, behind the scenes. That soon became ANOTHER leg of the vision.  More balls being juggled!

Meanwhile, seasoned writers were invited to come here to Uptrennd, and left in frustration and annoyance.  Community, I hate to say it to you, but they did.  I heard all their complaints, and they were true.  We were a baby platform, and they were looking for something a bit more sophisticated. I told them to wait and have faith - that things take time!  They did not have the faith in our community that inspired hope in our bigger plan.

So now what?

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We had to find a different type of recruit.  But how?  We would have to put out a much bigger call to a much bigger community, and see if there were some brave, excited, daring souls to join a "baby social-crypto platform" which was going through some growing pains but had (and still has) the POTENTIAL for so much more. Work began on that.

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I'm eventually going to write a whole blog post on this person soon.  I think that THIS person was a gift from God. At the EXACT perfect moment, this person came into the mix and gave us our second wind when we thought hope was gone.  I will never forget.

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Allow me explain something to this platform.

I have put out the invitation 5 times now for the community to be a part of UU as students. The community never HAS to be a part of UU!  UU thrives on Uptrennd! We are HERE! We are all family!  But some have chosen to join UU also - and we love that!

From the beginning, our competitions, our challenges, our discord channel, our graduation parties, our giveaways, our micro-projects... they have NOT been only for UU. 99% of all the fun we do has been for the entire community.  When you see a giveaway, I am spending my own money to bless the whole platform and have since I first joined.  The writing challenge I ran two weeks ago had only a handful of people outside of UU join. (I think only TWO!) Why?  Why would people complain that they can't enjoy the blessing- when they don't join in?

We are always doing things for the platform and few join in.  We won't stop inviting you to be a part of our fun and silliness and learning and support. But please don't continue to spread the lie that we are only for ourselves. There is no evidence of that and what you are doing is creating division where we have created plenty of opportunities for unity, support, and love.  Do your research before attempting (and failing) at slander.

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Oh... yes, there are many. hahaha  But the secret project has many phases. 

For 2 months now, I have invited our most senior students to help develop the next stage.  They swore to keep it a secret. And even under the latest attacks where they could have leaked to defend us, they never spoke a word.  (I admire you all beyond what you can even imagine. YOU are my heart!!!)  We have recently invited the DELTAS to join in.  (Some of them actually figured out the secret, and stayed silent, never even telling ME that they knew.  YOU are all my heart!!!)  

December 1 - MOST will be revealed, and YOU - THE COMMUNITY, will once again be invited to be a part, as you always have been from the beginning.  A sneak peek on part 1 is coming today, so feel free to follow the journey.  And if you don't, that's your choice!   But please don't claim that we don't share.  We do, all the time.  But many don't take the time to read, and yet have time to write entire posts filled with misinformation, judgement, ignorance, and outright lies.  They need to own their own responsibility in that.

We don't keep secrets because we want to be exclusive.  We do it because we know that some people like to attack what they don't understand. We would much rather come out with a finished project and give it our best shot- rather than battling the opinions of the naysayers. Things like these don't just take time.  They take a lot of energy.  And when you want to focus on perfecting a vision, its very hard to divert your time to pettiness.  We chose (and will continue to choose) to ignore the haters.

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Anyone who has come to my DM, has never been turned away.  As a matter of fact, I spend my day starting out answering DMs for hours to try to help people who have genuine questions and ask for help.  Many have gotten to know me and one of the most common things I hear in DM?  "I had no idea this is how you really were."   I love that.  I love surprising people when they get to see my heart.

It's also sad to me when people stop asking, and start believing lies.  It hurts.  I have emotions like any human being and I can tell you honestly and vulnerably - it hurts.

But I am also a Tiger. 

Emotion has no place when you're stalking your goal.  

And this next phase (December 1 reveal) is truly terrifying because it's ambitious and has the whole deck stacked against it.

But I have yet to surrender on anything in my life.  (and by the grace of God alone, never will.)

God has given me a mind that doesn't stop planning, a will that doesn't back down, and energy that doesn't stop moving.  I have been so unbelievably exhausted these last two months.

And yet, we will press on.

I love you, UU. Thank you for believing in this vision against the odds.

And you, Uptrennd community?  As always, you are invited to join in.

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Remy Hargreaves

I can't wait for the surprise reveal! It really has been such a great time planning it out with everyone, and thank you for including me in that! I know those who are willing to check it out will see the dedication and drive it took to bring it to completion. All the best for the platform

Please come check out more if you're interested! The surprise is inclusive 😊 so keep an eye out! 

Everyone who has worked on the project has been so amazing and creative. I'll never be able to stop admiring them 💕 you guys are the best


Tiger Lily

How could I not have you be a part of it?  You've been a part of it for 18 years  :)

More to come - for all who are interested!  And for those who aren't - we will them the best wishes in whatever THEY choose to bring to the platform to bless us all!  

we all rise together :)


Balvinder Suri

Collectively for sure, one of the favorite punches ( your use of punchline)


Ayesha Malik

I am eagerly waiting for 1st December now😂

And your effort to raise the stranded of uptrennd by engaging us; and in cleaning the platform is commendable.

No doubt you are a real tiger mam;

All the ideas that come from your side make me wow; like you and your team are appreciable.

And the students of uptrennd university are much supportive and they have learned secret-keeping from you captain.

I am delighted to be a part of our beloved uptrennd university.😊💞


Tiger Lily

heheheh  yes!!! you and me both!  I cannot wait for Dec 1 to come - and still?  that is just the beginning... more will be coming even AFTER that.

We will KEEP promoting Uptrennd as long as we believe in the heart of this community and this vision!!  I'm so glad that you are a part of UU too - because you bring the sweetest attitude and joy with you, wherever you go!!! hehehe


Kenechukwu Ezeme

UU have always spread out it's arms to a lot of people and our gate is always open for anyone that wants to join and have fun. 

We hear a lot of stories that I cooked up with the intention of spoiling the good reputation of UU but we know what we stand for and they can also attest to the fact that we have always been actively involved in doing things for the growth and development of this platform.

We keep a lot of things secret and you gave a very good explanation of why we had to do so. They can now brace themselves and watch while everything unfolds.

I can say that we are already tested and trusted in this platform but now, we can take this outside the platform and call upon the whole world to be a part of this great plan.

Our clock is ticking and eyes are watching... Tick Tock ✔️

Well Done Ma


Tiger Lily

Hi, Lover General. hehehehehe

You are a lover and a fighter, to be sure.  I love watching you work on this platform.  You never stop spreading joy, tough love, encouragement and support.  You're a marvel to behold and I'm so proud that you chose to be a part of UU.

The countdown is on.... I'm ready.  You ready?? :)

so glad that our Family is together and inviting more to be a part!!!  May God bless our efforts!! :)


Kenechukwu Ezeme

Hahaha... The countdown is still ticking and l can remember seeing the countdown clearly when l checked the something something sine hours ago 🤣🤣

That Dreem is becoming a reality and we all are already looking forward to how things will be from the beginning of December.

We are ready and we are not of what the future holds because we have a leader that is very passionate about what she is doing.

We are also doing all these in Jesus name so, the coast will surely be clear


Tiger Lily

hehehehe well the countdown there is really gonna keep going UP until Dec 1 I think. hahahah maybe just ONE more sneak preview for the those students involved hehehe

But then - just wait wait wait for the count up/down hahahahaha

Thank you for your prayers and for always being RIGHT there to support this vision!!!!


Anthony Eri

Wheew!!! 😪 What a long epistle worth reading! Thanks for pouring your heart to us!!! And thanks for enlightening us on how Uptrennd University project came to be which have yielded fruits I must confess and it's great to know you were the founder of this project... Fascinating! Just like Christ, you have laid your life for Uptrennd and I must commend you for all your tireless efforts to ensure this platform goes to the moon.

Spam exists virtually in every platform but I like the rigid approach that has been taken to fight spam and I must say, every committed Trenndier in one way or the other has joined the campaign, fighting spam the little ways they can by giving downvotes and reporting to Admin. I can also say from your article that spam was another of your reason for bringing to life Uptrennd University project which I must confess have grown from strength to strength.

Everything is almost perfect with Uptrennd and my deepest appreciation goes to Jeff and all Uptrennd team members including Victoria, Busola, Kris and the host of others who work 24 hours at the Uptrennd Telegram support department. The only thing Uptrennd needs to improve on is the withdrawal issues. People say low token price is the major cause of less engagement but problems of withdrawing hard earned income to solve urgent needs is another factors that's driving people away. Thank you!


Tiger Lily

oh wow - Though Christ is my example - I would hate to be compared to His perfection in any way!  :)  However, because He has been so generous with me - that is why I try to live out His example!

You are so right - spam exists on EVERY single platform.  But there are some that have a much stronger fight against it and have been more successful. So we want to strive for that as well - and show that we are serious about not allowing our platform to be abused!

Sounds likeyou have been watching me for a long time Anthony hahaha  if you were here to read that original article back in... April?? wow. hehehe  thanks for keeping an eye on me all this time!  It's good to be held accountable to people who have love for the platform!!

I have seen a lot of people complaining about withdrawal issues - and that would definitely be something that needs to be worked on immediately.  I agree with you.  When people earn money and choose to withdraw, they should be able to take it out without a hassle.  If we can't honor committments, then how can people trust?  The editor has gone through lots of updates, but still needs some major work.  I'm so glad that Jeff has invested money in hiring developers to continue to make out platform shine. 

The low value of the token simply comes from supply and demand.  When more is sold than is purchased - the value goes down.

Lots of people need to withdraw weekly -  and that is their choice, because they have earned and need to live on 1up.

But when a massive amount of spammers descend, steal votes, and then withdraw all those funds... the platform cannot sustain that kind of constant bleed.

We need more SOLID writers who come to write, invest, HODL, and lift the platform.  

But why would they come when they are investing what spammers are set to steal?


Anthony Eri

But in all honesty, ever since you started the campaign against spam, I noticed a massive decline of spammers in the platform. The only thing visible at the moment is low engagement but that's okay. Life is all about highs and lows and Uptrennd is experiencing it low moments but we loyal Trenndiers will always stick around and strive to keep on publishing quality.

I must commend Jeff once again for investing on Developers. I noticed the positive changes most the new "auto-save feature" been added after typing your articles. It makes publishing easy and convenient.

I believe in your words Captain and I know with time, withdrawal issues will be a thing of the past... Better times ahead for Uptrennd, 1UP and Uptrennd University.... Disastrous times ahead for spammers and plagiarizers 😁😁😁


Tiger Lily

hahahahah disastrous - if they don't change their ways.

let's hope that they do - because we are all here to learn and grow together!

Well... don't look to me for the withdrawal solution hahahah  I have nothing to do with that side of the world :)   Let's just hope that it does get fixed hahahaha

thank you for your wonderful engagement Anthony!!! :)


Christophe Wilhelm

"We need more SOLID writers who come to write, invest, HODL, and lift the platform" 

You kidding me ?

With your bulshit articles ?

Who cares about your offspring? Who is interested?!


Pat Jules

my mind is blowing ma when I read EVERY WORD. That feeling of not missing a single word will be at my disadvantage. I am so eager to know our single supporter for I know he/she will bring our platform to the next level.

All I know in my heart as well despite others saying that our platform is just on its baby/toddler stage, but hey, isn't ALL platforms start that way? Like hello no one I bet started from Stage 10! tsk tsk

And as what you have said on your previous post, Rome wasn't built in a day, so personally I TRUST THE PROCESS and not just the journey itself.

Somehow people are so blinded with just the crypto side but they forgot to see what UPTRENND have done to so many bloggers whose life have been changed because of the COMMUNITY that was built within.

Is there any other platform which has a UNIVERSITY like ours?if there is, well and good, but the question is, HOW SOLID they are?


we love you ma.


Tiger Lily

Hello my sis!! :)

Yes to everything you said.  It's ok. hehehe  We have our eyes on so many things for our future.  We are pioneers - and we are learning and teaching and teaching and learning.  I love our family and I love that we have such strength and unity in all that we do! 

I just keep praying that God will bless our efforts and that we won't just bless Uptrennd but that it will ripple out and effect so many others!!!  

I know you'll be praying right alongside me!!!!

love you!







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