A MASSIVE success for Uptrennd!

For months now, we have been working on a private project supporting one of our fellow Trenndians - to change his life, and change the lives of the children in his community.

I was talking to Kris JS the other day, and we were both talking about our love for Uptrennd.  How we were committed to the people here - and how important it is for us to be able to part of changing lives for the better.  I love that Victoria Haruna also shares that same beautiful commitment to the people here. And of course, the generosity of Uptrennd University staff and students knows no bounds!  They raised 18000 1up (and you'll see it reflected in the numbers below!) and then KEPT on giving!!!

When you look around Uptrennd, you will find that there are some very dedicated people here who  - despite the prices of our token - are willing to spend time, energy and money to build the community.

I really love that.

The second thing that I really love?

The generosity that is contagious here.

And here is the evidence of it!

Look at all that was raised!  And most of this is in 1up!!!  How cool is that :)  To know that Uptrennd and 1up MADE A DIFFERENCE in our world!  Not only was George able to bless his community with a discount on fish, but he sold more fish at a great price to bulk buyers!  He has enough to start building his second pond and with the next harvest - he is set to build his third pond!  

Don't think it was easy... This project has had SO mountains to climb - but George was faithful to keep trying, every day, surmounting the obstacles through God's grace, and now - I'd like you to see what YOU ALL did!

preview not available

At the time that I sent the donations to George last week,

the 1up plus the other donations were worth $645!!!

Then - add to that - the profits of his fish harvest!!!

When we began this project, we had projected the amount needed to make it a successful venture that would grow and flourish with each new harvest.  Because of your generosity, we surpassed that projection significantly and shortened our timetable for building the second pond by 4 months earlier!

This is HUGE!! It means that within one year's time, George will be able to select one working-age child in his community to train, help, and mentor - so that they can have a life that is changed!

Thank you so much for believing in this project!  And - as promised, those who donated $10 or more will be getting one of the beautiful donation NFTs to commemorate this event!

A separate post to honor those donors will be published this week!

Thank you again!!!

This amazing project for Uptrennd is brought to you by:

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Bluefin Studios
27 Jan

It's awesome to start a project, from seed idea to finish! And that the project helps someone, in kindness, and makes the worlkd a better place is even that much better!


Tiger Lily
27 Jan

Yes - it helps me to stay focused and really gives me the juice I need to smile hehehehe

thank you for being a part of it from the very beginning!!! :)


Merit Ahama
27 Jan

Wow this made really speechless with lots of excitement to burst out🤭🥳

I can see and assured that sharing is contagious here on uptrennd, love is a norm among us and I am so happy to be a part of those who experience it. 

All the donors have done exceedingly great, the made a dream come true together. 

Congrats to @george for fulfilling a part of his dream our dreem😊

Well done ma'am for this lovely announcement 😘


Tiger Lily
27 Jan

Thank you so much ehehehe

I was really bursting too! 

Every time another donation came in - I was giggling with joy :)

Being able to make this dreem come true was really quite an accomplishment! hehehe and no matter what happens in the future - this will be something we can be proud of! hehehe


Alagbe Adeniyi
27 Jan

I Know for a fact that uptrend is going places and to the unforseen generations...

Uptrend to the 🌒 moon 


RinNy Mboro
27 Jan

It is always a thing of joy that one people unite to help another,in the end it comes out as expected or even more like in this case

Though ignorant about this donations and the project of extending help in hand to George, I am wowed and happy that the uptrennd community (thanks to those who donated) is able to help George erect 3 ponds which certainly I know cost much

With 2 or more hands,nothing is impossible

A big thumbs up to DREEMFLARE


Tiger Lily
27 Jan

I just updated the image on the post - if you want to see all the donations hehehe

it had an error before - but now its visible :)

thanks for coming to visit! hehehe


Elizabeth V
27 Jan

This is amazing! I agree,  the generosity here on Uptrennd is contagious, and of course,  you and everyone behind Dreemflare and those that selflessly donated to this good cause. It may be impossible for you to change the whole world but you have changed the world for George. And he is such a blessing to his community now. Sooooo amazing!!!! I love your heart!!! 


Tiger Lily
27 Jan

hi there Sis!  :)

This has been such a wonderful journey - and now - we will wait and see what happens for years to come as God blesses George's farm generation after generation!  :)

so many people came together to do this - including those who aren't even listed here who donated the seed money for George to begin! :)

what a blessing to watch this unfold!







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