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A Manifesto

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Saffi Huggaboo 2 months ago

I love this vision so much and one of the reasons I got here. I only been here a week today but already love the atmosphare and People here ❤️ so much heart. 

And that is important to keep, together we can make it happen of we all do our part. 

We are all equal, and deserves Respect. 

Have a positive community where we are Supporting each other and have a common goal... Uptrend 👍 

To make a change, We have to BE the change! 

This is a wonderful place to be and I am happy to be a part. Thank you for sharing this and for all you do ❤️

Matthew Rosenquist 2 months ago

The community is great!  Open, constructive, and willing to give thier opinion.   It is not toxic even though their is a wide range of perspectives.  This is what social media should be.  

ojay Peterson 2 months ago

I love this very much

Kurd Ishh 2 months ago

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Fami How 2 months ago

Yes all together will make this platform best social media platform

Adnan Siddique 2 months ago

You are responsible for everything you media has organized the world into global village... Miracles of science

BGold Ola 2 months ago

For you to know how I cherish this platform, I'm working on song for them, watch out for it.

Adnan Siddique 2 months ago

Your ideology is your definite formula to overcome your disappointment...

Be peaceful

Be loyal

Be ideal person

Adnan Siddique 2 months ago

In this fact!! Atmosphere has great magical effects on mankind..A loving place is foundation of you life...

Tabish Aslam 2 months ago

Yes all of us are like the family here, because all of need support each other to get more from this platform.

Its most amazing platform it pays back our efforts.

Osato Jegede 2 months ago

It's amazing how far Uptrennd has come, I'm glad to be part of this journey. 

aloha dreamer 2 months ago

I'm in complete agreement with you, Osato! Not just to be part of the journey, but part of the wonderful community!

Tiger Lily 2 months ago

Yes!  I ALWAYS come a day late and a dollar short - and for Uptrennd... im here for the start!  yayyyyy hehehe

and i already love the big community and our little sub-community that is forming hehehe

Fami How 2 months ago

Yea we all are playing our part

Godwin Imafidor 2 months ago

Uptrennd to the moon. We are still less than 100,000 subscribers and we have achieved this feet. By the time we hit a million subscribers, we would have the whole world listening to our resolutions here. In did we're just warming up




Inyang John 2 months ago

Freedom of speech and equal opportunity is the motto. 

Love dwells here 

Adnan Siddique 2 months ago

Oh fellows !! You should be a union for your rights..

We have independent thoughts irrespective to other people...Focus on your goals

Fami How 2 months ago

Yea they are finding it interesting and original voice

Lavish Hunt 2 months ago

The aspect I love the most on the platform is that everyone is equal

Inyang John 2 months ago

Absolutely everyone is equal and that makes it beautiful for us all. 

I have found true love here. 

I can beat my chest and say truly, Love dwells here. 

Uptrend to the world 

Fami How 2 months ago

Yes every one  enjoys equal opportunity here

Adnan Siddique 2 months ago

Opportunity is a ideal weapon to fights against your disasters and problems..

Focus on your aims

Focus on your protocol

Focus on your learning

David Cantu 2 months ago

Yeah I was here in its first few months and thought it was just an average platform so I left.  I think it's been 2 months ago I came back to check it out and it boomed.  This platform is huge and will only get better!

Mike Etim 2 months ago

So you are an old member?

Thank God you came back, else you would have missed alot

David Cantu 2 months ago

I almost left for good, but then I remembered the site and took another look.  I'm glad I did.

Mike Etim 2 months ago

Thank God you did come back

Fami How 2 months ago

Yea now it is not an ordinary platform its a big thing

Adnan Siddique 2 months ago

OMG...this platform provides us creativity and skills to expose our ideas... public dealings... struggles..

That's hilarious platform








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