​Sun and I have been friends for a very long time. As far back as we both can remember. We have many things in common and we even share our secrets. We always long for each other's company. However, one thing always made me very sad. 

​I would always get so emotional after either watching a romantic movie or seeing couples all lovey-dovey together. I often wondered when I'd find my soulmate, my knight in shining armor. ”When am I going to find him?" I'd sink my shoulders in defeat and coil up beside Sun. 

One night, Sun visited me. He lived only down the road from my house. Sun met me very disorganized. I had turned my closet upside down searching for the perfect dress because I had been invited to a mask party and deep down, I hoped I'd find my one true love there.

​"You know, you don't have to worry so much about that. Maybe he's lurking somewhere down the street. Forget about scouting for him and just look within. You'd find that which you seek for". Sun, a very kind and gentle soul with the most comforting words.

​"Easy for you to say. With that sweet tongue, you can get any girl you want. What's stopping you?” I asked him. "Let's just say my Queen is in la-la land trying to find her way home". He replied. We both giggled and he helped me pick out the perfect dress.

​"This is just the one. This color always makes your eyes pop. Your eyes are windows to your beautiful soul. If no one sees that tonight, they are blind". Sun gave me a warm hug and bade me farewell. " I'm sure you'll meet him tonight".

​I arrived at the party with very high hopes. Everyone looked their best. The food was good and so was the music. Soon, I felt bored and disappointed. Everyone but me seemed taken and I was the only one left out of the dance floor. I picked up my bag and made to leave. Just then, a fine-looking man in a grey mask approached me. 

​I couldn't make out his face but there was something about his eyes that made me tremble - depth and longing. "Can I have this dance, my lady?" The young man extended his hand towards me. I took his hand and we both danced the night away. I could feel his heart and mine beat as one. It felt so magical like it was just the two of us on the dance floor.

When it was time to leave, I whispered in his ear, " You smell like roses,  I love roses". "I know.  And I know I'd give up everything to have you. Have a good night my lady". He said as he walked briskly away. " Hey stop.. I didn't even catch your name." I hurried after him but he was gone with the wind.

​On my way home, I decided to stop by Sun's home. When I got there, I met him looking a little tired and sad. " what have you been up to? Well, I'd like to tell you all about my mystery man. Just when I was about to...." I stopped talking as a hint of familiar sweet scent teased my nostrils.  "Where were you tonight?" I asked holding up Sun's face as he tried to avoid my gaze. Then I saw it in his eyes - the depth and longing. A tear dropped from my left eye.

​"You smell of roses, I love roses" I whispered with tears rolling down my cheeks effortlessly. " I know. And I know I'd give up everything to have you". he replied almost broken. We hugged each other for what looked like forever. Nothing in the world mattered anymore.

​" You have been right here all my life". I said breaking the sweet silence. "And my queen has found her way home". He replied planting a soft kiss on my forehead.

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​This is my entry to a beautiful contest by @Adelan O. I must urge you to enter this contest right ​here.​​​



Merit Ahama
05 Feb

Aww I fell in love while reading your love story dear. How I wish I could meet such a friend who has been inlove with me since a long time. 

Sometimes the love we search for is right in front of us. We just have to see it. 

This love story is superb, I love it dear. All the best in the contest. 


Benazir Ibrahim
05 Feb

Thank you, dear. Sometimes it is right in front of us but we wear armor and go on a quest to search for it. We just have to look within. 

Oh if you haven't found your love, you surely will in the sweetest of places. Thanks dear.


Kemmy B.
05 Feb

Awwwwwwwwwnnnnn 😂

This is the best romantic story I have read so far! I was going to write but I doubt I can beat this! 

Silly girl! Her man was there all along and she was busy longing for what I don't know 😂. I'm glad the love of roses brought them together. 

Fascinating and enchanting. Kudos dear and good luck in the contest. 


Benazir Ibrahim
05 Feb

Oh please write 🙏🙏. I'd like to read yours. I'm sure it would be amazing as usual.

So silly. She failed to see what was right in front her. He loved her all the way but she was blinded by fantasy.

Thank you so much, dear.


preview not available Esma Sid
05 Feb

This is a sublime narrative about our ignorance for the great things standing right before us. Bravo👌


Benazir Ibrahim
05 Feb

Just right there! Only if we lift the blindfold, we can have a clear vision. Thank you so much.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
05 Feb

This story is too romantic, its narrative is similar to a soap opera, sometimes love can be so close and we do not detect it.


Benazir Ibrahim
05 Feb

Oh thank you so much. I wanted to create that effect of a love so close and yet so blind to see. I'm glad you see it.


preview not available Busola Akinlolu Awosika
05 Feb

Haha interesting. Sun has always been there but you never paid attention to him, glad it turned out beautiful at the end.


Benazir Ibrahim
05 Feb

So beautiful I tell. Sometimes we need to look within. It just might be right there and we don't have to go on a voyage just to find love. Thank you so much for stopping by.


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