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You all know about my love for sports, walking, and jogging beside my love for fitness that started right from an early age. Some of you probably know about my love for long-distance walking for fun and charity’s sake, but I am sure none of you know about my three love stories that involved me during my college days. Actually, four, but I will let you know about the fourth in the end.

I met this girl, let me call her Jeny (not her actual name) that I met during the first year of my business school days. She was from a distant state whose father was in a higher post of the central government. She got a high rank in the selection exam. 

My reaction when I saw her for the first time, “Oh wow, what a gifted girl! I thought this was the girl God had sent for me. By the way, I never was a playful type as far girls were concerned as I never tried to befriend a girl with that particular angle but apart from general friendship and outings in groups.

But you know when a guy falls for a girl, he falls flat on his face. I was like oh yeah, this is the girl. However, I still remember the way she looked at me when I said hi to her. Her eyes did not show any sign of interest in me and that did not deter me a bit. I had decided to give it go. I felt hopefully romantic and kind of magical feeling inside me that I had never encountered in my 17 years of education and all of my 23 years of age.

Despite being a popular person in college, my problem was that I was a sensitive guy when in the limelight. In fact, I always was a private person, never too talkative, and this hesitation put me into this problem of how to tell her about my love for her. Besides, she was never alone, but in the company of other batch mates.

But I was keen

So one day I went straight to her in the library and said, “Jeny I want to talk to you”. She gave me a casual look and asked me to sit in a chair. I sat down and tried to gather the courage to tell her about my feelings for her. She said, “I guess something is eating you up!” that made me even more nervous. I said nothing, I was planning to go to this movie (I had no name in my mind so I just said a name casually). 

She smiled and said, “Are you sure, you wish to go to this movie?” 

I said, “why?”

She said, “This movie is no more running in theaters but of the screens. If you want to watch it, it's available on-demand on your TV, now come out with the actual story”. She was smiling all the while when suggesting to me all about the movie.

I said, “Actually, I wanted to watch a movie with you”

She laughed aloud and said, “I was expecting something similar from you, but why do you think that I would be interested to go to a movie with you?”

I was disappointed a little, but I asked, “If she would like to accompany me for a dinner?”

She smiled and said, “Okay if you insist”.

I immediately gave her the names of some of the best restaurants of my choice, but she declined all of them but gave one of her choices. I agreed instantly to her choice and made an appointment for a 7.30 pickup.

preview not available


That was our first outing, and that was not the only one, but we kept meeting often and almost in the category of relationship. Then the relation changed to hand-in-hand. We went for outings and talking about serious topics on matters of life. As a matter of fact, we talked about almost all subjects under the sun. My curiosity knew no bounds about her, her family, and whatnot.

We even worked together on many projects that gave us even more time to stay together. So, the entire duration of two years of business school passed, and when the time came for campus selection. A multinational selected her in the USA and she was happy about her success story. I was going back to my job (I was on stipend by my company I had joined after my engineering degree).

So when I met her before she was leaving for her home expecting to hear her future plan and also expecting to be a part of her future plan too. But nothing like that. She said everything, but nothing about anything about our future together. 


We are married now, and still, good friends and we talk to each other, but the only difference is that we are not married to each other. She is happy with her hubby and her job, and so am I. And then the next two years passed, we were married and living in different countries. 

As far I am concerned our lives are full of adventure, but separately. We've traveled the world but not together, again separately with our respective spouses.

Note- I will tell you about my three other love stories when the time comes, so long...

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preview not available Adelan o
02 Feb

Sometimes when we truly love someone, it can be difficult telling them, especially the shy or reserved men. That's how life rolls, we never know who we might end up loving or settling down with. But the experiences shape us in various ways. I don't think that movie or dinner line works anymore in this time and age. Covid-19 has us all staying safe. 

Would love to hear more about your other love escapades 😁😄😊. 

Wonderful entry buddy😉


Suny Ag
02 Feb

Thanks, now that cat is out of the bag, no one will read my remaining stories bro, but I will post them for a change.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
03 Feb

I think there are a lot of people in the world who don't want to play with  emotions of which you are one But I have observed this life that the man we love, if he does not come into our life or we do not marry him, then the love lives in our heart and we can't forget to someone . This is not a necessary condition for love. We would marry the person we love. Because Because love is a relationship of two hearts .But the person we really love should stay with us or not, his turn is always with us and we always have thoughts about him and always think about him. Thinking and thinking about him/her is the name of love 💕You have written this beautiful story about your life. I love it very much and I look forward to reading the rest of your three stories.🥰💕🚀🔥


Suny Ag
03 Feb

Thank you so much for the appreciation bro, I will definitely write my other stories for the fun of them as I have nothing to hide about my love stories. 


Balvinder Suri
03 Feb

Well buddy it is a classic love story with both feeling the heat of it. Even i did a love marriage but TBH will give better marks to yours. You surely know how to arouse the readers anxiety to read your post further.  

Just to share a small incident when I had asked her out to dinner for the first time and had asked for her favorite restaurant she insisted that she would  do the cooking and we have dinner at her place.


Suny Ag
03 Feb

Pher to Balle Balle! Actually, I was once stuck in Goa when I missed my last bus a girl from Survey of India came to my rescue and invited me to her home close to Calangute beach  (about 1 km) where I ate dinner on Banana leaf inside the kitchen. That is a wonderful memory, I know she was interested but I was there on an official trip. We all have tons of memories, isn't it? So why not share that incident here for all of us to enjoy!   


Balvinder Suri
03 Feb

Would have loved to but don't have that knack which you are blessed abundantly with 


Ifiok Eso
02 Feb

Wow, what a lovely story of love. I know it s the season of love and Valentine is around the corner. We all do have one love story or the other..


Suny Ag
02 Feb

Come out with yours asap man! We must hear all such stories when the time is right.


Freekay Gold
03 Feb

What a wonderful love love story contest. 

Love is a beautiful thing to practice to know how important we in our relationship.

I wish best of luck.


Suny Ag
03 Feb

Thanks, bro, looking forward to reading your story too!


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