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"A letter to my younger self"

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Little did I believe in those words by Samuel Ullman saying 

"Nobody grow old merely by  living a number years but   grow up deserting our 


Not until I sat to look back on the journey so far and decided to write  letter to my young self to learn from my past mistakes over years

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A letter to my young self

Hello young lad ,

I do hope you're enjoying your way of life over there, I want you to know I love you and i'm so proud of you and I do have a little piece of advice for you.

I want you to know that  life itself ain't bed of roses, it does come with the good , the bad and the ugly. Either one thrown at you just be patient and know for sure that it's a test of time and bad times don't last for ever. Expect hurdles at every stage of life and don't feel so reluctant to take up those challenges because they are there to make you grow.

Remember my dear  that there is no other killer of time and destiny other than that word called procrastination, don't postpone that task you're ought to do now to tomorrow, delay is deadly, the right time is now, act now and stop procrastinating.

Dear young self I want you to be on the look out for the friends you keep , remember the words of the elderly that says show me your friend and I'll tell who you're, keep the right mind around that'll be there for you in time of thick and thins and for sure your journey to the skies would be swift.

Never put your hope too high on anything and just don't expect much from people so you won't get to heartbroken when the disappointment comes, for sure people are good at leaving.

In addition I always want you to be humble and kind , be the best of human to everyone you meet on your way up , for sure every act of kindness matters and that kindness would always find a way to you in the times most needed.

Lastly and most importantly is always staying connected to the supreme being , put God first in all you do. God first is the secret of success, to be successful you need divine help and  grace and for sure you'll be amazed to see how things work so smoothly for you. You see grace where you peers struggle.

Have all these at the back of your mind and for sure you'll live to be a better me in years to come.

Stay strong and enjoy the bumpy ride of life.

                              Yours future self,

                               Adetola Muheez.

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Adewunmi Arojojoye
01 May

Nice advice not to hope too high and to watch out for friends because hoping too high and not getting what's being hoped for could make one weary at pursuing other things and could also make one to develop negative mind set. On the other hand, friends could actually help one grow or could be a source of ones downfall, being watchful is the key...

Nice write up.


Adetola Muheez
01 May

Glad you git the message, lesson for us all.

Wishing myself the very best


Elisha Beauty
01 May

This article is so helpful and thanks for taking your time to share this with us 


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