A lesson on punctuation marks written and prepared by me

Class: Jss1
Subject: English studies
Topic: Punctuation marks
Duration: 40 minutes
Gender: Mixed
Age: 11-12 years
Number of students: 50

Behavioural objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

  • define punctuation marks

  • mention the examples of punctuation marks

  • identify punctuation marks in a sentence.
    Instructional materials: A chart showing the examples of punctuation marks.

Entry behaviour: The students have been using punctuation marks to make sentences.

Introduction: The teacher introduces the lesson by asking the students questions on the above topic to arouse their interests.


Step 1: Definition of punctuation marks:
Punctuation marks are marks that are used in writing to separate sentences and to clarify meaning.

Step 2: Examples of punctuation marks:

  • Full stop

  • Question mark

  • Comma

  • Exclamation mark

  • Semi colon

  • Colon

  • Brackets

  • Apostrophe

  • Quotation marks etc

Step 3: Identification of punctuation marks in sentences:
Identify the punctuation mark in the following sentences:

  • What is your name?

  • I love fruits.

  • Ada, Joy, and Bola are my friends.

  • This is my teacher's house.

Evaluation: The teacher ask the students questions on the above topic to test their level of understanding.

Assignment: Make 5 sentences with colon, apostrophe and question mark.



Ademigoke Emmanuel
27 Oct

Thanks for sharing this. Have learnt alot from this. Now I know where to use full stop, common and question mark 


Abasiama Bassey
27 Oct

That's nice

Good luck


Muhammad Bilal
27 Oct

Wow you are a teacher I respect my teachers a lot and you are also respected women for me, to deliver knowledge to children is the process of making a Nation so you are doing a great work keep it up


Abasiama Bassey
27 Oct

Teachers are the leaders of tomorrow

I love my profession


Iniobong Samuel
27 Oct

Wow you try on this please put more effort for a better an excellent results you look good pretty one


Mr.Oxman Oxi
27 Oct

You have told us the way to use punctuation  and inverted, used in language in English, this is a great way, just like our English teacher, I am thankful that you have guided us 


Abasiama Bassey
27 Oct

You're welcome bro


Oluwapoju Adeniran
27 Oct

Thanks for sharing to and making people to know the importance of punctuation marks in a write up. Punctuation marks give the reader good meaning when reading a write up or article.


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