A First Class Information which will Guide you to Nominate/Vote the BEST OF THE BEST In the Uptrennd Blockchain Award

Just as it was announced by the Founder of Uptrennd, @Jeff Kirdeikis in this post, the Uptrennd Blockchain Awards are Now Live. This is amazing right? It's amazing because this is the very first blockchain award that will be organized and driven by the community. 

Jeff stated in his post that the award was created for two purposes. The first one was to give recognition to the people who deserve it in blockchain, and the second which I classify as the most important is the creation of opportunity for more exposure and onboarding of new users for Uptrennd. 

Jeff also stated towards the end of his post that "After nominations are completed, all voting will happen on Uptrennd. To vote, you need to have an Uptrennd account. If we can make these awards go viral, our community could explode overnight in the best of ways with quality people from the crypto community."

These reasons are sure important ones. However, for us to take good advantage of this opportunity and achieve the second purpose (which is exposure and user onboarding for Uptrennd) to the best of our ability, I think it is very essential for everyone that will be nominating and voting to have a proper understanding of what each award category means and also have a good knowledge of the people or projects they are going to vote for. 

I doubt if 90% of us that will be voting even have an idea of the people or project to nominate and vote for in the various award categories. And sincerely, I think If this is not properly addressed, people might end up nominating or voting the same set of people or projects and we might not really get the desired effect of making award go viral which might limit our expectations of making the community explode overnight in the best of ways with quality people from the crypto community. 

Therefore, I have devoted a chunk of my time to compile a list of informations that will help you understand the categories and have an idea of who to vote for in each of the categories to the best of my ability. 

I really want to see this community grow bigger and better and I think things like this will sure go a long way to strengthen us towards achieving our stride to greatness. 

 1. Best Blockchain YouTuber

You are required to Nominate upto three of your favorite blockchain person or project with a YouTube Channel that you think deserves this award. The link below is a compiled list of over 50 blockchain YouTuber which you can choose from. 

2. Best Blockchain Twitter Feed

Is there any person or project that tweets about anything cryptocurrency and blockchain on Twitter that you like so much, then this is the category where you give them a chance to get some recognition for their good works. Simply nominate upto 3 persons or project here. The link below is a compiled list of over 50 blockchain Twitter feed which you can choose from. 

3. Best Blockchain Podcast

Who is your best blockchain podcast? Is it the founder of Uptrennd, Jeff Kirdeikis? or is it somebody else? Don't forget Jeff also have his own blockchain podcast. All you need to do is nominate upto 3 of your favorite blockchain podcast. The link below can also guide you to know more about the various blockchain podcast we have around so that you can choose the best of the best. 

4. Best Blockchain Journalist

Do you know a reporter, who professionally does living reporting on news and current events on cryptocurrency and blockchain? Then this is the category where you get to give them a chance to bag this Uptrennd blockchain award for the best blockchain journalist by nominating them. The link below will guide you to choose wisely incase you really don't have any person in mind before now. 

5. Best Female Crypto Personality 

There is a common saying that what a man can do, a woman can do better. I totally agree with whoever came up with that saying. This is because I've seen quite a good number of female personalities doing very fine in the crypto space. The likes of Ciara Sun of Huobi is one person I admire so much. People like her sure deserves an award. I'm sure you've got other female crypto personalities you admire too, then what are you waiting for? The link below will guide you to have a wide range of female crypto personalities to choose from.

6. Best Technical Analysis 

Choosing the best technical analysis in crypto might look very tricky. However, I've done a research to the best of my ability to help you have a better idea on who to choose for this. Probably you read a book on technical analysis, you are free to nominate the author of that book in this category. Don't forget we also have platforms like Tradingview that gives us real time techinal analysis chart, you can also nominate platform like that. The links below will help you with your nominations on the best technical analysis in crypto. 

7. Biggest Changemaker and Innovator

In this category, you are required to nominate the person or project who you think have done a lot to help drive cryptocurrency and blockchain to mass adoption. These include the likes of Jeff Kirdeikis. I'm sure you would know better what is required of you in this category with the example I cited. In addition, the link below will also guide you in your nomination. 

8. Best News Source

This particular category is asking you to Nominate the best cryptocurrency news source in crypto. Here is a the link to over 145 Top Cryptocurrency Blogs and News Sites to Read Daily in 2020 as compiled on Hackernoon Which you can choose from.

9. Most Innovative New Project

This is the category where you get to nominate upto 3 of your favorite promising blockchain-based project that you think is paving the way for the future of crypto and blockchain at large. Don't forget Uptrennd also qualify to be nominated in this category. However, the link below will assist you with your choices. 

10. Best Community in Crypto

Without much ado, I strongly think this award category should be given directly to Trenndians of Uptrennd. But then, we can't completely take it away from strong communities like the hiveans of Hive, steemians of Steem, Lbryians of Lbry, Dtubers of Dtube and the likes. Don't forget we also have platforms like Prospectors, Digibyte, Whaleshares, Banano, Scorum, SoMee, Smoke, Binance and a host of others with great community too. So, do well to make the right choice.

11. Best Payment Coin

I'm pretty sure 99% of us we go for either Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, EOS and XRP if asked this question. However, there are more to choosing your best payment coin. You need to consider a lot of factors such as the transaction throughput, security and scalability features of that coin. Well, I've got some links that will assist you to make the right choice.

12. Best Smart Contract Platform

As defined by Coinfunda, "Smart contract platforms are platforms whose their smart contract run automatically and help the transfer of digital assets and carry out transactions under the guidance and supervision of the blockchain network with the main idea of carrying out the transactions seamlessly without being hacked or infiltrated by any third party or fraudsters." we have over 30 smart contract platform in the market which you can choose from. The links below will assist you to have a better understanding of those platforms so that you can make the right choice.

13. Biggest Contribution to Adoption

The Uptrennd Blockchain Award category want you to nominate upto three of your favorite project with the biggest contribution to blockchain adoption in the last year. I'm sure you would agree with me that the likes of Uptrennd, Facebook Libra, Oracle corporation, Alibaba Group Holding, Samsung Electronics, IBM, Akon's Akoin, and  Microsoft Corporations comes in handy in this category. Do well to check out the link below as it will assist you to make a wise decision. 

14. Biggest Trainwreck Project

This particular award category really sounds funny to me because I'm sure no failed project will be proud to get an award for being a failure. But then, I think it's also necessary to get the news out to people. So, do well to nominate what you think is the biggest failed project for last year. The link below will help you to make a better choice.

15. Best Crypto Wallet

Don't forget that being safe online with your crypto coins means having the best crypto wallet available. But then, you have to be aware that there are different crypto wallet services which include the app-based, offline and web-based cryptocurrency wallet services. This is exactly what this award category is asking you to nominate for. The links below will assist you in making the best decision. 

16. Best Exchange

There are various great cryptocurrency exchanges around in the crypto space. I'm sure you can tell what a great crypto exchange is even if you are not a trader. Should incase you can't, follow the link below to learn more a out the various crypto exchanged and make the right choice.

17. Best Blockchain Conference

The blockchain space is expanding and getting bigger day by day, and blockchain enthusiasts needs to broaden their horizon so as to stay updated. And as such, we need to attend blockchain conferences that will give us that exposure and networking that we need, have a proper insight of the latest developments in the ecosystem and also help us explore and stay one step ahead in the space. Check out the link below for more information about the various blockchain conferences as this will help you with your nomination in this category. 

18. Best DApp

According to Blockgeek, a decentralised application (Dapp) is an application that is open source, operates autonomously, has its data stored on a blockchain, incentivised in the form of cryptographic tokens and operates on a protocol that shows proof of value. A dApp can either be a game, exchange, marketplace and so on. The links below will guide you to learn more about DApps and make the right choice while nominating your best dApp. 

19. Best DeFi Project

According to Blockgeeks, DeFi which in full is Decentralized Finance includes digital assets, protocols,  smart contracts, and dApps built on a blockchain. Here is a link where over 50 top DeFi projects was listed. It would sure guide you to nominate the best. 

20. Best FIAT Onramp / Offramp 

For the sake of those who don't know what Fiat onramp/offramp is, Fiat onramp/offramps play the facilitator for the exchangeexchange of fiat (also known as paper money) to Cryptocurrency. So, what this category is asking you to do is to nominate 3 of your favorite Fiat exchanges that accept your Fiat in exchange for crypto such as BTC, ETH and so on. We have very few of them which you can choose from. You can use the link below to have more idea of those FIAT Onramp / Offramp projects as this will ease your nomination stress. 

21. Best Dev Community

This particular category of Uptrennd Blockchain Award requires you to nominate upto 3 of your favorite cryptocurrency project with the best developer community. The links below might assist you with your decision incase you have challenges deciding that.

Uptrennd need your support!

Go to:


and tag up to three nominations in each category. 

Together, let's get these awards, and Uptrennd to go viral!

NB: Please, Kindly go through all of this informations if need be before you make your nominations so that we can make this nomination go viral and achieve our aim. Also, consider the fact that this caused me a sleepless night to come up with, so it shouldn't be a waste. I couldn't publish earlier because of power shortage on my gadgets. 

Disclaimer: All informations here should only be used as a guide for you to nominate the best of the best. It is no way an advice. 



M Jay
26 Apr

Wow such a detail explanation on who to vote for the award. I think Jeff Kirdeikis is definitely the biggest change maker and innovator for creating a platform like Uptrennd for us all



marielys chamoo
26 Apr

Wow how spectacular this platform is growing every day and its users like us making those who recognized their work and their effort to be bigger every day and have the essential in cryptocurrencies happiness congratulations



Hilltop I
26 Apr

I only want to nominate Jeff at every category that he is worthy of. I ned a more precise guidelines.



Muhammad Asfahan
26 Apr

. You really tried boss 

Thanks for your enlightenment, will do the needful now



Victor Kay
26 Apr

Thanks for taking your time to explain these to us. We are getting ready 



Onyeka Ezeh
29 Apr

He is a good mentor 








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