A few hints about existence

Life is given to us by Allah Almighty for free. Many people do not appreciate it and keep thinking about this time.

Life is too short Don't make it a long plan Life has no hope Today is not tomorrow Yes you should make short plans and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

1.Don't deceive people

Many people think that they will save a lot of money by cheating people and this money will be of great use to them in the future.Cheating with people and extorting money from them, they do not think that we will remain like this for the rest of our lives, we will not go to the Hereafter.This life is a lot of work and not even the next moment of life. We should never deceive people in this way. We should always be honest with everyone.

2.Drugs should be avoided

There are beautiful days in life when people spoil them and lose the joy of their life in just one drug cycle.Those who use drugs forget that our whole family is connected, they don't think about anyone and always think about themselves. Once someone gets addicted to drugs, they never  Never goes back to life.Intoxicated, he spends a couple of days of his life, and his life becomes a guest for a few days.

3.Be honest in everything you do

Whatever you do, always do it honestly and think about your hereafter. In life, we do not live forever. There is also our hereafter in which we have to answer our questions.Blessing is in honesty. A person who works honestly gets more blessings in his provision.Honesty is very pleasing to Allah Almighty and blesses his provision.

4.Eat healthy foods

It is very important to stay healthy in life. Health is very important to us. If our health is not good then life will look colorless and we will not find peace in life.To be healthy we must eat heathy fruit which will be very good for our health and if our health is good then our life will be good.

5.You must see a doctor for a checkup once a month

You are also healthy and there is no disease and you feel that you are perfectly healthy but still you must see a doctor once a month and follow the important principles of life by consulting him.The doctor gives us the best advice for our health. We must consult a doctor once a month.

6.Always Be happy

Life is a guest for very few days and there is no hope in life. It can deceive us at any time so it is better for us to spend the days of our life happily.

If we are happy in our life, we will be free from many worries and tensions.The most important thing in life is to be happy. If we are happy in our life, we will be able to live a much healthier life and will always meet others in a pleasant tone.

7.Always Respect your parents

The parents are the ones who get lucky. If they reach old age, they should be served. If we serve them, then we will surely be rewarded by Allah.The way we were helpless as children and couldn't do anything on our own, our parents took great care of us and took care of our needs and took care of one thing.

We cannot repay the kindness of our parents all our lives.Parents are a great being and it is a gift from God Almighty that we value and care for and we have a duty to take care of everything.

8.Help to each others

Life as it is lasts for a few days.We must combine the virtues in our life that will be useful to us in the Hereafter.

Help others, if they are in need, take full care of them and meet their needs as much as they need now.As much as Allah Almighty has given you strength, you should always help the poor in some way and you will get your reward from Allah Almighty.

Life is about sharing happiness.The more happiness you share, the more happiness you will get.The more we treat others, the more we will be rewarded.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/_AdUs32i0jc



Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
02 Nov

Wow ! 

Your post is quite well . But your 

image sourcing is little weak. 

Rather than sharing whole link 

you can make clickable links by 

reading this post :



Shahbaz Mashwani
03 Nov

More good points to live a happy and peaceful life , many of these also include in our Islam .







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