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There have been such awesome days in my life which I revile in my mind over and over again. The day my husband proposed, the day we were married, the days my boys were born all are so special to me. However, there is one day that stands out in my mind. When my son was 12 years old during prayer I saw my son as a doctor, not just as a doctor but as a Neurosurgeon. I didn't tell him this but a week later when I asked him what he would want to be as all parents ask. His answer stunned me, he told me that he would be a neurosurgeon. 

Years passed and as he reached senior school his dream changed, he wanted to become a mechanical engineer working with cars. I tried to remind him of his dream, but he was insistent that he would become a design engineer. He is brilliant but he did badly in the national level tests. he did not make the cut to the best school in the land. He was confused, upset, and depressed. It was then I reminded him once again of the dream to become a neurosurgeon. 

My son made a half-minded attempt at the rigorous med-school interviews that went on for a week. I went with him everyday, just to pep talk him into doing his best. I met another young man there whose only focus was med school. This young man, Clifford, spoke so much to me on the first day that we became good friends. I made sure to carry burgers and Pizzas for him everyday as he loved them.

On the final day of the interviews he had finished his personal interview before my son did. He decided to keep me company though I told him I was fine by myself and he could go home. It was then he told me something which I can never forget. That day is etched in my memory as if it was yesterday. He had just bought me a cup of coffee from the staff cafeteria and as I was taking my first sip he said, "Aunt I should tell you something, I don't know if Kevin (my son) would tell you this, but you need to know".

Then he began telling me how they were asked to talk for five minutes about one person who influenced them and inspired them in their life. He continued,"While so many of us spoke about celebrities there were a few who spoke about parents, but your son spoke about you, and everyone listened to him with complete concentration. It was his voice", he said, "it was full of emotion, he meant what he said. He meant every word of it."

Now, I was curious to know what my son had to say about me. I am sure you would have too if you had been in my place, right? Clifford told me that my son told the 40 candidates in his group that his mother was the one who inspired and influenced him in all the major decisions of his life. He told them that his mom had taught him to believe in God and to seek God in everything he did. He also told them that when he went against God's plan for his life his mom still supported him and told him that she would would stand by him in every decision that he took whether she liked it or not. He then ended his talk by saying, "if not for my mother I would have ended my life when I saw that I didn't get into the top school for engineering."

I was so stunned hearing this, I knew my son was depressed, but I never knew he had thoughts of ending his life. I just knew I had to be with him and encourage him. I only kept telling him not to worry and God would lead him in the right path. "When one door closes, a whole new galaxy will open for you", is what I would tell him each day. When I heard this story tears were flowing in endless streams from my eyes. Then the young man who told me all this said, 'I wish my mom had put the same faith in me". Sadly that young man did not make the cut, my son stood first on the merit list. 

My son did not speak to me much on our drive back home. I was too chocked to speak, but all of a sudden he blurted out, "Thank you mama, today I've realized how much you love me and how much faith you have in me". He hugged and kissed me with tears running down his face. Every year in med school he topped his class and he is now a neurosurgeon in training. He was awarded a special award for character and influence and the best outgoing student of his batch. 

From that moment until now we have been more like friends. I would be the first person he would call about any problem or any difficulty he faces. He would call me and say, mom pray for me, I am in such and such a situation. As I write this he is at a conference and before presenting his payer he called, "mom I am walking to the podium, pray for me". 

I almost lost my son ten years ago, but by the grace of God I have gained double the son I could have lost. This is a day I would never forget. It was the twelfth of July 2011. This happened a decade ago, but it still brings tears to my eyes. I always pray that no mother should ever lose her child, especially to suicide or accidents. I just cannot imagine what my life would have been if something adverse had happened then. 

I am so grateful for the gift of life, especially for the life of my children.  I am so happy to see both my boys do so well and I praise God everyday for the gift of these children in my life.

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Anthony Eri
19 Mar

Train up a child in the way he should go so when he grows up, he shall not depart from it.

You are a God fearing soul Sophie and that's the reason why God gave you a revelation of the destiny of your son and you did well to train him up in the way of the Lord and influence him greatly towards his destiny.

Your testament of your son's thoughts towards attempted suicide only goes to show that depression is one of the major source of suicide. Your love and support towards him in his time of weakness assured him of your love and propelled him to be better.

This memory of yours is magical, special and worth testifying. I bless the name of the Lord for His goodness and kindness towards you and your family.


Sofs Su
19 Mar

Amen. It was difficult to write this on a platform like this, but this is something I hope would help someone. God Has been good and his word say that he will let his servants know what he does before hand.

I am happy to say he is doing well and happy with his profession because its the Lord's doing.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
19 Mar

What more will any mother want but to know that their children adore them. You set a good example for your son. He is so lucky to have you as mother. 

It was nice reading your story Sofs. Thanks for sharing it with us 


Sofs Su
19 Mar

Thank you @Betty Ozemoje, I am blessed to have him as my son. In fact both my sons are such a great blessing to me.


Egwu Doris .
19 Mar

Woow. This is so emotional.

Its good you stood behind him as a good mother. God used you to save his life.

Am happy that he's happy now and doesn't feel he's been forced to study what he's studying. I pray that God will continue to protect him for you.


Sofs Su
19 Mar

It was very emotional post for me. When we walk in his way his protective hand is always upon us. Praised be his Holy name.


Adewunmi Arojojoye
19 Mar

When everyone gives up on you, one person who will not is Mother. You saw it and believed it even when he was confused you still stood by him. Thank God he realized on time that he didn't miss it. 

That can't be forgotten. Something you never knew about your son was revealed to you. Thank God he didn't go ahead with his thought in depressed period.


Sofs Su
19 Mar

That is so true, mother's never give up, they want the best for their children. Yes, indeed thank God for he is good he protects his children from all evil.

Thank you @adewunmi for stopping by with a positive comment.


Freekay Gold
19 Mar

Wow this is a wonderful contest post it's so amazing so many events in life we can never forget in life mostly on this platform.

I wish you best of luck.


Sofs Su
19 Mar

Thank you. I wasn't so sure about posting this as it was so personal, but maybe it is a lesson parents may want to learn.







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